Aug 27, 2019

Please help me find IEM's & Open Ear

So far I purchased the sennheiser momentum true wireless ear buds, had connection issues so they were returned (I don't need wireless though). I then purchased the etymotic er4xr and they were almost to high with such minimal base and a thin sound stage. plus they weren't very comfortable. (didn't sound full, if that makes sense) I also bought a Topping NX4 I'm looking for a wide sound stage with high detail because I watch movies as much as listen to music. Usually I like highs and some tight lows. I could go up to $300-$400 if its really worth it? I'm also looking for open ears for movies and music that can hopefully match up to good home speakers? I really can't keep buying different pairs, any suggestions?

For music I definitely recommend HE4XX. Very musical to my ears. :D
New to IEM's, so I wanted to try, got a pair of Schultz SQ-5DB for $23 (w/shipping;) off the bay after listening to my Sis's pair of NuForce PRIMO8's, that I recommended for her on request, based solely on reviews and a budget. They are both simply wonderful, changed my take on sticking things back into my ears..;~) Others will hopefully chime in here, as I'm a newbie here too... What I would really like, a MEMS version IEM: Looking at the current drop offerings; I would look at the drop Plus Universal IEMs, and request to be notified for when they come back in-stock. Or, more money, but a custom IEM looks to be nice and comfortable... Ref: Open cans... budget?
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No time with them (400i) but they are supposedly similar in sound to my HE-500 (although not quite on the some level of resolution) and that is my favorite pair to date. There were some build concerns with the more recent Hifimans, but my HE500 are over 6 years old and I've had zero issues.
With planars, I only have experience with the Audeze EL-8 'open' which I bought as a gift along with the Audio-gd R2R 11, so limited time with them. The EL-8 was co-designed in collaboration with BMW,, the build and feel is perhaps the nicest of any hp I have seen or felt, the sound is equal. I got planers as the choice, for synth music, but I liked them so much, they remain on my bay, search for a deal list... The HE400i is right now $179 on amazon, bit of a deal,, better look/build... Edit: Forgot I still have the Yamaha "Ortho Dynamic" YHD 1 from long, long-ago, they were my choice, trying all hp's I could back then, for late night listening; me, the clock and the mouse, from my 'receiver'... which was why I never though they were so great... I have plugged them into my new rigs, and while not outstanding compared to today's offerings, I still like them.