Oct 21, 2017

Frying Steak

What is the best way to pan fry a 1 1/2 inch New York Strip steak? I want to use my cast iron grill pan.

Reverse sear. Put it in the oven on the lowest setting until it cooks through, let it rest and then blast it on high in your cast iron about 60 seconds each side to get a nice crust.
If you have a sous vide, then yeah, use that instead of the oven but the idea is the same.
Sous Vide to 128°F for an hour or two, then throw it on the very hot pan for about 1min on each side to sear it.
That's the best way.
For a steak that thick... If you're gonna leave it on the pan throughout then it'll be a must to baste it. Helps retain heat on the top side and keeps it moist
I highly suggest cooking a steak with that thickness in the oven then finish with a quick sear on the cast iron pan. This way, you can achieve uniform, edge-to-edge doneness on the inside and a nice sear on the outside. Sous vide is more fool-proof but not everyone has the equipment for that.