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DIY Leather Fountain Pen Case

Here's my diy fountain pen case. I made a quick sketch and stitch it together. It's a bit funky looking...but functional. I've always been a fan of the somewhat monolith looking 110 storys tall Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower....and I call bullshit on the rename!!!) in Chicago where I grew up. I lived on the far south side of Chicago and on a clear day I could see the Tower from my bedroom window in spite of it being over 30 miles away. The designer's staggered stack design was conceived when he noticed a few cigarettes sticking out the top of a pack of cigarettes....that look stuck with me as well.
I imagined 2-3 fountain pens in a case with kind of a staggered & stacked depth to allow grasping and removing one pen without nudging the others, I think I achieved that. My stitching leaves much to be desired but it will hold up for now.
First was the proof of concept using paper cut-2-shape and taped together. Second was a prototype using scrap leather. Now version 1 using a large section of tooling leather. I used a burnishing agent on the edges, then punched all the holes before staining. Finally I stitched the whole thing up with wax coated black thread. The case can hold 4 fountain pens but the fit is a bit tight so I’m backing off to only 3 medium size pens. I might make another one in the near future designed to separate the pens to keep them from touching - that will call for a larger case...we’ll see when the time comes.
Note: The stain is Eco-Flo All-In-One Acorn Brown.



SunshineCrazy and ltopper

Interesting design, and I like where you got your inspirartion. I am concerned that the pens will scratch against each other, though.
They will no doubt end up with scratches if I squeeze in more than 3 medium size pens. It’s been holding 2 medium and one regular size pens without much contact between the pens. I’ve also tried 3 medium size pens and thats pushing the limits of space but still no major scraping or contact. My current crop of pens are what I consider low cost starter pens. I’m re-acquainting myself with cursive writing after a 4 decades long absence. Once I figure out what size pen and nib is right for me as well as practicing enough in hopes of developing decent penmanship I’ll start spending bigger bucks on better pens. I’ll most likely give away all of my starter pens to anyone who wishes to learn how to write with a fountain pen.
My current crop of inexpensive fountain pens are as follows: Pilot Metropolatain Collection w/fine nib Wing Sung 698 Piston Demonstrator w/fine nib Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King w/fine nib Jinhao X750 w/medium nib Jinhao 159 w/medium nib Rosso Bianco (Jinhao copy) w/ medium nib
My inks: Pilot Iroshizuku yu-yake (burnt orange) Pilot Iroshizuku kon-peki (turquoise / deep blue) Noodlers water/ bulletproof Black ink