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Mar 10, 2020
This topic is very interesting and I am interested but do not know where to find, thankfully you create this topic, hope everyone will help me candy crush soda
Apr 10, 2019
Does any one have an opinion they'd like to share on the Breville Barista Oracle Touch? I've been demo'ing machines every trip to the mall between Sur La Table, WS, & CB...I really like the Jura E6 & E8 ... but the Breville looks to be the jam for alot of reasons... I'm lookin for reasons to hate it or any of them ... other than spending a house payment on a coffee maker.
Mar 25, 2020
The Oracle Touch is a good machine, but buying Breville is like playing the reliability lottery. Get a manual machine like a Lelit or Profitec with a Eureka grinder, they'll make better coffees and will last you a lifetime.
Jan 21, 2019
Is anyone else disliking the shift towards lighter blends and more bright juicy fruity notes in coffees? I just like a good medium roast with nice chocolate notes. 
Feb 4, 2019
It depends on the bean. IMO, its a shame to take a yirgacheffe that's busting with blueberry and citrus at a lighter roast and go dark with it and destroy all of that. On the other hand, a Brazil or Guatemalan coffee that goes sweet and chocolatey at darker levels should be roasted to maximize that. I don't really get any value from the super dark charcoal roasts. While pungent, I find them to be rather flat. Of course, this is all personal preference...
Feb 21, 2019
I tend to like a smoothing roast/blend. I believe the fruit is for when you add milk to your coffee. The flavor stands up better I suppose. I drink straight espresso so it ends up too jarring to me.
Jan 20, 2019
one of the coolest and most innovative coffee programs is Blue Bottle. super beginner friendly. All inclusive and has a great design language. https://bluebottlecoffee.com
Jan 20, 2019
Love Blue Bottle coffee!
Jan 13, 2019
Hi, everyone. Do you know any Great Coffee Subscription website? (Especially for Dark or Espresso Roast
Jan 24, 2019
https://drinkarchetype.com/ Most coffee houses in Omaha use these guys for one or two crafts and fill in with something from out of town for the connoisseurs.
Jun 22, 2019
I order faithfully from this outfit: www.groundsforchange.com.
Oct 2, 2018
Hello fellow enthusiasts 👍 I have been on the market for a coffee bean grinder for some time. Then luck was bestowed upon me and someone dear to me gave me this beauty. Now it's old, like really old, but I think it has tons potential and I really like it. As you can see it's got some wear and tear. I'm wondering if this is something that should be refurbished or should I just leave it as is? Any idea is welcome. Thank you all and continue to have a good day. --Jay
Feb 4, 2019
I wouldn't immediately rule it out for espresso. I had an old Dienes Mocha manual grinder that I used for years for espresso - very even grind and I could go fine enough to stop up my machine. Finding one of that quality is certainly not the norm though.
Apr 10, 2019
What did you end up doing with this?
Jun 3, 2018
Nov 13, 2017
Hey Coffee Community,
What's the difference between aeropress, French press, drip and chemex? Sorry for the ignorance, but don't they all produce similar results?
Nov 16, 2017
I view the difference between these as the difference in extraction and brewing style. Aeropress is ground finer and extracts faster. French press is ground coarse and extracts slower. Drip/Chemex is in the middle. The extraction will impact the flavor, mouth feel, and overall characteristics. Also, all these, but French press, use filters so oils will be partially or totally removed. French press doesn't use paper filters and, therefore, allow for oils to remain, adding a different complexity.
French press can be "muddy" in a lot going on in the cup due to extraction and brewing style (immersion). Aeropress is partially similar in brewing style (starts as immersion), but is filtered and is cleaner. It can make somewhat of a pseudo espresso. Drip, Chemex in particular, I find to be the cleanest and brightest in flavor.
It's fun to play around with them or find a coffee shop that offers these various methods so you can taste the same coffee bean made different ways. The taste variation is definitely noticeable.
Dec 30, 2018
The only thing I'll add to this is you can play around with your variables, to get very different results, from the same brew method. Whilst it's not the most comprehensive article, this wiki page gives a good insight into coffee extraction https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_extraction Without a refractometer, you're looking for sweetness and balance. If it's dry, gritty and bitter, try and use a coaser grind, or reduce the brew time. If it's sour and astringent, make the grind finer, or brew for longer.
Nov 11, 2017
Hello! Do you guys have any recommendations for where to get good beans either locally or online for use in a french press? I don't want robusta coffee that has 500 million triple X caffeine content or whatever and tastes like burnt booty, I'd just like something flavorful that is more representative of what good coffee can be.
Also, are there coffee varieties or equipment better suited for cold brew? I've made it before using my french press, and while I'm sure there's a better way I'm suspicious of these $100 cold brew kits.
Jan 3, 2018
Depends on where you are... I actually get rather good comparatively local whole bean Dark Espresso Roast from Eight O'Clock.
Dec 23, 2018
Pot or mason jar, fill with grinds and water. Sit over night. Filter and fridgerate. Don't spend money and be fussy over something so simple.
Nov 5, 2017
Hey Coffee Community,
I last asked about picking a grinder to upgrade to from my Capresso Infinity. I've made the choice between the Baratza Sette 270, Baratza Sette 30 AP and the Breville Smart Grinder Pro.
My reasoning for the 270 was because of its grind quality, metal (and more durable) burr housing and its preset capabilities. However, it has me questioning whether its worth the price over the 30 AP or the Breville.
For the 30 AP, it was because it was a huge upgrade over the Capresso - only concern I have is the plastic burr housing. Why isn't much really much of an issue, just a concern. Since this Baratza is capable of making consistent grinds good for mid range espresso. Regardless of my concern, it was recommended by another member and a worthy consideration of those around its price point.
For the Breville, I liked its design, interface and reviews I've seen around. Its capability to produce grinds on the coarse side of the spectrum, allowing me to grind beans suited for French Press made it a worthy consideration. Its versatility lets me try different brew methods and its programmable and (seemingly) easy to use interface had me consider it.
My budget changed since, but if the 30 AP or Breville is worth more in its price to performance (and usability) then I might just pick between those two and scrap the idea of the 270. Any thoughts community?
Nov 17, 2017
The Sette series is really only proficient at espresso grinding, so if you're going to be doing much brewed coffee I'd recommend looking elsewhere. They're nice grinders with lots of great features, but once you get into the medium grind range you'll begin to see a lot more fines. The optional BG burr resolves this only somewhat. I tend to point folks toward the Virtuoso instead if they're looking to do a mix of brewing methods (formerly the Preciso for the ability to dial in for espresso), or the Vario with steel burrs if they have a larger budget.
I don't personally have much experience with the Smart Grinder, and I've heard mostly positive things. I think Baratza's grind quality generally outshines it, but for the price it's not too bad at all.
Jun 19, 2018
I would need to know what your brew method is to answer correctly. Personally don't think you can go wrong with either of the Baratza grinders unless you want espresso in which case I could not in good conscience recommend any of the grinders you are asking about.
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