An advanced polling system with pending payments upfront.

To begin with the discussion, I'll have to be honest the idea was taken from within @hypersphere's discussion: PREVIEWS OF WHAT'S NEXT and derives from @jceaser's main concept of polling for only the serious buyers.
Now, we all know that polls are often inaccurate and that some for SP/GMK reruns are never ever fufilled. But, these are usually from interested parties who are mostly so desired but have no real intentions to ever purchase the items.
What I would liked to suggest is not for the interested only, but, are for serious buyers upfront with ready cash for items they so desired.The polling system will only be for "paid in advance" voters only for those who would be more than willing to pay a certain/feasible and ready amount of money pending for the rerun of an item and that it will only drop when it hits the MOQ of that item's rerun requirement at least
So why implement such a concept where Massdrop rerun in such a manner you say?
Simple, this is simply to fend off needless votes that leads to Massdrop having to keep second guessing as to which product is actually a real seller and for the more serious and patient participants that are willing to wait for prolonged periods of time just to have the items they really wanted instead of spending lots of time needlessly hoping for someone willing to sell theirs in the aftermarket.
So what do you folks think?
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Jul 22, 2016
This idea is an interesting discussion point but there are a few issues here. Those of us who purchase regularly from MassDrop have money already "committed" on orders already in progress. Having funds locked in a interest check / poll stage could have negative consequences. Payment methods can also be a huge issue as some payment providers want a physical product made and delivered in 90 days. The polls were initially and still are for the most part built to give us a wish list for products. In the early days of Massdrop this was easier to look into. Now that Massdrop has grown, the polls help to draw new community members in and help existing community members move items vetted in an interest check stage to a drop stage based on a quick check interest on the community.
Money up front really won't speed up the drop either as logistics are the next hurdle to making the drops happen in a reasonable time period. Anyway, just my two cents. Good topic though!
Jul 23, 2016
Regarding Big Data(tm), if it is any consolation, the hype around it is very profitable for those selling things related to big data, frequently less so for the buyers. There have certainly been some standouts, but as a general class of problems, it is massively harder to pull signal from it that the hype would lead you to think. It isn't just "throw thousands of disks'-worth of data in a juicer; extract profitable secrets of human behavior" by a longshot, and frequently, throwing more data at a problem makes what's going on less clear. Additionally, out separating suggestive-but spurious correlative indicators can be very difficult, and the problem gets even worse when those spurious correlations look like something researchers (or their bosses) want to believe. (I am not a data scientist, but I do work fairly closely with them at my company.)
Jul 23, 2016
@Data, @j.a.l
ty for your answers, very interesting discussion and one of those times i wish we could talk german :) I just wanted to let you know that i like your input but it's to late for me to give some longer answers today.
I don't think votes should be limited exactly(avoid making a money based class system on MD), but I do like the idea of having reruns somehow confirmed for a certain order amount before launching. Not sure how to do that exactly, but it would be nice to relaunch things that the community for sure wanted.
Jul 22, 2016
The Bazaars are how Massdrop liquidates excess inventory. They typically order a few extras on any given drop to create a buffer in case of lost/stolen packages, damages in transit, fulfillment mistakes and other issues. Once the drop ends and the dust settles on shipping, then they clear those leftovers for sale in the Bazaar.
Jul 23, 2016
You raise some interesting points, and you're right, I don't think my idea survives them. CC auths can be worked around, but the rest are real problems.
Collective action: still a sticky wicket.