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Massdrop x Carmina Semi-Brogue Oxford - size swap thread

There was a sizing issue on the most recent Carmina drop (prompting the ability to get a full refund or wait for a new pair), and several users have asked for a way to connect with others who want to swap sizes on the shoes they received . If you’d like to try and find someone to swap with or send a mis-sized pair to, feel free to post below in this format: Have: Size (UK), width, color, your country Looking for: Size (UK), width, color
If you find someone to swap with or send shoes to, feel free to connect directly. If you find a match and would rather be connected by Massdrop, feel free to write into support asking for an introduction and providing the usernames and link to the comment in this thread.
Here’s how you link to a comment: http://recordit.co/cqAVwFNcCL By participating in this discussion, you are giving permission for Massdrop to share your email with other participants in the discussion.
Montiesse La Baron Howell, ltopper, and 2 others

Does anybody have a 8.5UK brown for sale.?
Have 12UK (13US) Brown, USA (CA) - shoot me a note if you're interested.
Have: 7.5 EEE (UK) Brown, USA (FL)
Brand new. Looking to sell, or trade if you have the size. Message me at alextgreene100@gmail.com
Free shipping, asking $320
Also looking for 8.0 EE or EEE (UK) in both black and brown. Would like to buy both.
hi, still available?
Have: 10 EE (UK), Brown, USA (ID) Selling for $310 USD, free shipping in CONUS
Looking for: 9 EE (UK), Black
You can contact me at mkkelson@cableone.net
Have: 12EE (UK), Brown, USA (CA) Looking: 11EE (UK), Black
You can contact me at syedahmedali91@gmail.com
I have: UK 8.5 EEE in black, located in Florida.
<<Selling for USD 300 only>>
FREE shipping to CONUS; will ship at cost to other places. please contact me for exact shipping charges.
Still for sale? Where in Florida?
I want to sell my UK 9 EE in brown (tried once at home). Ask for $350 and split shipping cost. Located in NYC.
I have a UK 9.5 EE in brown brand new (not tried on at all) in box, fresh from massdrop that I need to sell. Asking for massdrop price (350$ USD) plus shipping costs. Located 3 miles from D.C.
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varies. depends on what people are willing to pay I guess.
Make an offer if you're interested :)
Looking to sell 1 brown and 1 black. Both 9EE UK.
Have: 7.0 (UK), EE, Marron, US, Sell For $300 (+30 US Shipping) Looking for: 6.0 (UK), EE, marron, US
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Is it still up for sale? I'm interested. Please send me an email at paul.panganiban@hotmail.com
Hi, did the sale go through, or is this still available?
Selling: 9.5 (UK), EEE, Black, Australia (Sydney)
Only tried the left foot indoors and realised it didn't fit.
Looking to sell the 9.5 EEE (UK) for US$260 shipped locally (AUS) or US$280 shipped overseas.
I have a brown and a black 9EE UK. Looking for any colour 7.5D or 8D UK for swap.
Have: 8.5 (UK), EE, Marron, Australia (Perth) Looking for: 7.5 (UK), Standard (US:D UK:F), Marron
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Hong Kong. If you are open to shipping here, pls let me know, thanks!
Sure, please email me for further discussion. syaf101@yahoo.com. Cheers.
Selling: The Carmina brogues in brown, UK size 9.5 EEE. New, never worn. Awesome looking shoes, but too big for me. Comes with shoe horns, and in the original shoe box. Pick up in Washington DC: 320 usd. Mail within the US, 360 usd. Happy to send a picture upon request.
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still want them. price?
Yep. still interested. Price fixed?
Looking to sell black 10UK EE for USD350 shipped.
Or Looking to trade for a 9UK EE in black. Thanks.
Hey, if you're in the US, you can sell your black 10UK EE to the poster above who is interested in that pair, and then buy my black 9UK EE. It ends up being sort of a 3-way trade where you & the other poster end up with the pairs you want and I end up with some money. I think you'll end up eating a little bit of money in shipping costs but it should not be horrible.
I'm looking for 2 pairs: 6.5 UK (Brown) 7 UK (Brown)
Ready to buy today - please contact me at viralsi@yahoo.com. Thanks!!
I'm looking for 2 pairs: 6.5 UK (brown) 7 UK (brown)
Please email me at viralsi@yahoo.com and I will get back to you ASAP. Ready to buy today!!
As of now I still have a 9EE black available for sale--not trying to trade anymore as I opted for a replacement! Located in SoCal.
Still have these?
Yeah--you messaged me on eBay too so just confirming I'm the same person there, too. :) You can message me on SF or email me (purpleporing at porings dot org).
Selling 8.5EE UK, brown. Located in Chicago but will ship to U.S. address. Thanks
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Are these still available?
No, but i do have a pair in UK 7.5 brown that are. $300
UK 11.5 EE Brown available at cost in the NYC area.
Still want to sell UK 10.5 EEE BLACK
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Hi Knut, I have the Carmina's for sale in brown, UK size 9.5 EEE . I am based in the US if you're interested.
Definitely. How much?
**** S O L D ****
Have: 8 (UK) , EE, Brown Wanting to sell at cost ($350) through Paypal (Friends and Family), plus split shipping cost No creases or scuffs and can provide pictures for verification Located in OK, US
Hi, I am interested and located in NYC. Could you pleased send pictures to my email: kimiru.shop@gmail.com. Thanks.
Message sent from email: a****689-massdrop
Have 11.5EE UK, Brown, USA Perfect Condition
Looking for a 10.5EEE UK, Should have ordered wide
Will also sell for $350 shipped priority in the USA
I have a 10.5EEE UK in brown that I'm selling if you're interested
I have a 10.5 EEE in Black. Lovely shoes! You need them in both colors.
Want to sell UK 9.5 D (this is what's printed on the box) Brown for $300. Tried on the left shoe, didn't do anything else with it. Buyer covers shipping.
Selling: UK Size 11EE Brown, brand new, at cost. Located in Los Angeles area. Prefer local pickup.
Want: UK Size 10EE Black, Prefer local pickup.
Selling : 11 EE UK Brown for $350
I am located in California.
I have a 9.5 EE UK Brown.
Selling for 310 (300 + 3% Paypal cut). Will cover shipping
I have an 11UKEE in Black and an 11UKEE in Brown if anyone is looking for either.
Interested in the black if it's still available
Yes they are available! Email me at mkenny@uscopy.com to discuss. Or let me know how you would like to get in contact.
Looking for a 7.5UK STandard width in Black or Brown.
Drop me a line!
Just looking to purchase, shipped to Canada
I live in Canada, in Edmonton.
However wasn't the Massdrop sale listed at $335? I would expect that price, if not cheaper. That is what I see most postings on grailed related to this going for.