Oct 24, 201775 views

Balanced $650 gaming upgrade

I need a budget pc upgrade I am upgrading memory(8gb), CPU(must be intel coffelake) MOtherboard(matched with cpu, so it must be a Z370 motherboard) Graphics card( probably a 1060 or 570) this is my idea plz leave feedback. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XwkKf8

Go for 1060 if you can afford the g sync 144 hz monitor
i would prefer you go with amd for budget builds
Um you need to add storage and psu into your build bro. if you really want coffee lake go with i3 since it is still 4 cores also where is the case you need one to keep all your parts protected
I have an old caae and a newish psu
Oh ok also if you only use or system for gaming I think it will be better to get the i3 8350k since it had better clock speeds at 4ghz and you can oc it. also most game don't use more than 4 cores. And it has 4 cores. it is basically a i5 7600k.
I agree with Albedo, don't bother running a modern system in single-channel mode.
I gotta say too that Z370 just doesn't scream budget. If you can wait for B- or H-series boards as the 8400 isn't overclockable and Intel has shut down the bclock OC cheat already.
I agree, budget would more be around the r5 1600 cpu w/ b350 mobo- def wanna go with a 2x4 gig ram setup over single 8 gig stick from my experience as well. Gfx pricing is a joke as of late, so gl with that either way you go.
Yah im thinking r5 1600
I would go for either faster ram or a 2x4 kit.