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Writing Refugees Are Welcome at EndlessPens

Endlesspens is offering a one-of-a-kind deal exclusively to writing community members as consolation for the loss of our community here on Click here and create an account if you don't already have one. You will find a small collection of writing gear on sale, specifically curated for us. Also, if you use the code HOPDROP15 you will get an additional 15% off for some of the lowest prices you have ever seen. The current code will be valid for a week with future collections and new discount codes to be offered on a weekly basis to users subscribed to their mailing list.
Forgot to mention that Endless Pens is also seriously working on building a discussion forum for its members.
Stefan66, trsman44, and 11 others

Just asked them about the forum and the second account that needs to be created they said they are still working on synching it to their site and it should be done in 2-4 days.. in the meantime they have opened it up to us so we aren’t sleeping on the curb for too long :) They want to know from us about the user experience and want our feedback to make our new home as comfortable as possible! Theroc they me mentioned they were in talks with you!! - you really have pulled some strings for us cheers!!!!
I hardly did anything. @MrSharkbait suggested we should ask them if they would like to adopt us. So I did. Credit goes mostly to them. They immediately launched into action and got things up and running much faster than I hoped for.
Thanks, Theroc. I'll migrate over there. Too bad Massdrop dropped us. Ruth
The forum is live! You need to create another account just for it though. It is typical of these forum software, don’t be alarmed. @Theroc get your ass in there!
Thanks.......sigh, what have I done now that I've seen the prices on the pen I've been eyeing on....... I was so busy the past months that I didn't realise we lost our community! What's happened to it? Programming bug or boo boo?
Not an accident. They shuttered several communities a small their related drop categories a few weeks ago.
Awesome news!
That's very cool of endlesspens. I've window-shopped them these last few months since their prices usually compare to Drops. So far I've just preordered a Pelikan nib. Thanks for sharing