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What are "open back headphones"?


Apr 4, 2021
Believe me. You want them. Noise cancelation headphones sound good in theory and they really have their place. In planes and maybe even some video games, but overall I always reach for my open backs, even with most games. Another consideration is noise leak with open backs. If there are a lot of people around you then they will have a much easier time hearing what is coming from your headphones rather than if you were in a room by yourself. I always watch movies and play games from the privacy of my home office and open backs are perfect. They do a much better job of make distant sounds actually sound distant and not fake and artificial like closed back/noise canceling headphones. I am so selective of any close backs I buy now because open backs are far superior.
Sep 19, 2020
Like @thomsonSMG said, but that's not to say closed-backs can't have a good sound-stage, etc. It's just harder to produce. Closed options are best used on public transport or an office environment, or where you in a room with someone that's a light sleeper. Noise cancelling on the other hand, go a step further and add an "active" part to closed-backs where they try to counter-act surrounding noise by producing an opposing-frequency noise [frequencies in opposing phases at the same time cancel each other out]. This is why they are especially useful in things like air travel, because it's generally one constant noise.
Oct 4, 2019
yes they re open back headphones. i love that u can hear stuff u have never heard before eith these headphones
Oct 3, 2019
Open back are exactly that. They are not sealed cups, the rear of the driver is exposed to the world and as a result have the ability to sound more natural and part of your environment. Not always though. This can be a positive and a negative. I personally use closed back cans for work in the office and at home when the kids are going nuts (when working from home) and when they are asleep I tend to use open backs on low volume so I dont wake them, but I can hear any action in the house.
Oct 3, 2019
Open backs project sound both towards your ears and out the sides of the earpieces. This makes the sound feel as if they are coming from further away. Good for replicating the directions of where each vocals and instruments are coming from; like at a concert. Close backs sound as if the music is coming from the centre of your head; you get less "directional" experience but they feel more intimate. Open backs leak sound so if you are riding on public transport, the people sitting next to you might look at you sideways wonder why you are playing music for everyone around you. Most high end headphones are open back so don't worry about losing any sound quality from the leakage!
Mar 8, 2021
thomsonSMGMy father is a full time orchestra member, 1st call studio trumpet, and when the symphony schedule allows , he takes every good job offer that doesn’t conflic. He gets called for most Broadway shows, he plays most commercial/pop/jazz/soul/r&b gigs in town. He has taught at a number of public and private universities—however, his schedule got to be impossible, so he quit most of the college teaching gig because of time constraints—especially when one deans of music wanted him to cut back on other work to focus on his adjunct professorship there... he quit, and the next week, he got an offer to cover a Sabbatical for a prestigious conservatory. Anyway, he has pretty much cut his teaching schedule down to focus on a large trumpet studio of a little over 20 students at the private school with the strongest program in the State. All of his students practice & it has the strongest music program of any private I’ve had a pair of HD 650s with an O2 amp and a few nice DAC’s I tried for years to get him to try them. The Open backed design makes it so when players can really hear everything, in aluminates the terrible earplug affect that it’s almost like someone squeezing your nose shut while you talk. There’s no need for Mic monitoring. The sound quality is amazing and the eq is so flat...Frankly, if you’re listening to a good record, if you don’t like how it sounds coming out of a pair of each of the 650s, I really don’t think you like music. Frankly , if you’re listening to a good record, if you don’t like how it sounds coming out of a pair of HD 650s, I really don’t think you like music. getting to the point, it took two or three years of me trying to explain to my dad how they would be perfect for playing with headphones on… So long as a click track wouldn’t be so loud to mess up a recording session. Anyhow, I set them up Along with a few other things when all of his private lessons got shifted on-line. I hope your train them just one time in the type of environment a suggested them for, he now sees them as required for his job. About to order some earplugs with really well protection levels. Up by 3’s from 6-21 any trumpet or brass player have recommendations for the earplugs? One friend has had a custom molded set of 9db plugs with iem’s powered with ear-plug batteries made. I hope that the bone conducting headsets. This could especially be useful for a studio click track. I am just worried about Then producing too much noise and I want to make sure they aren’t leaking sound onto a recording
Oct 3, 2019
They are usually over ear headphones but not always. They allow the speakers to breathe with an open design on the backside. Typically they have a wider soundstage so the music doesn't seem like it's coming from a speaker on your head. Those around you will hear what you're listening to so they are not the best choice for an office environment. They are however the best choice for critical listening at home. Definitely my favorite design.
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