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Are these better than my Beats?


Jul 29, 2022
For outside, beats are better, for inside - 58x.
Jun 25, 2021
Whoever hears the sennheiser hd 58x jubilee. You will be bliss with some heavenly sound quality! You will hear your favorite recordings in a whole new light and maybe pick out some details that might be finer compare to the beats headphones of any beats line model. Sennheiser hd58x jubilee open back can be easily pushed up to a louder sound than beats without any distortion. Your ears won't know how loud your hearing because there is no sound fatigue and possibly way easier to get hearing damage with the shear sound of pure enjoyment. Bass isn't really everything. It definitely should be there. But really compliment overall with the music and blend. Mid range should be slightly more forth coming and so that it helps the treble to shine. You might get the sub bass from sennheisr hd58xx jubilee with a right headphone amp and dac set up to get the full benefits. Should be hard to distort these headphones when playing it loud. If you favor looks before sound quality. Beats has that covered in spades. But once you step into the world of true hi fi sound quality. Almost nothing will sound the same again! Sony headphone lines might come close. Beyer dynamic dt770 sounds close to the sennheiser signature. But in a close back version. You will forever be searching for the sennheiser jd58xx jubilee signature when looking for a new pair. The only one that can beat the jubilee coild be the sennheiser hd600. Then from on it would be the more higher price ones. Dt770 beyerdynamic is probably the best bang for the buck and this sennheiser jubilee. Any person who buy this hd58xx should not be disappointed with this purchase. Buy this and then get a headphone dac amp. You should not be disappointed.
Jun 11, 2021
Beats headphone sucks dick honestly from experience of hearing Bose, Sony, Sennheiser and those types of brands. I dont understand what all the hype is about with Beats headphones. It really sucks 100%. One shouldn't even be comparing to these brands.
May 5, 2021
Even the $18 Koss Ksc75 or $30 Koss Porta Pros are better than your Beats...
Jun 11, 2021
EasyXPI haven't used the Koss products but I'm sure anything will be better than Beats. Beats suck dick.
Aug 1, 2020
110%...Beats are owned by apple, everything apple is hot garbage, don't buy apple
Oct 28, 2020
xholmesEveryone is entitled to their own opinions of course and these are mine. Beats made crap headphones long before Apple bought them. If anything, Apple made them slightly better. As far as everything they make being “hot garbage”, I’ve been using apple products for the better part of 4 decades and aside from the iPad 3, have been happy with their products. Hell, I used my first iMac for more than 10 years and it ran fine until the last 2 or 3.
Jul 13, 2020
I don't think this is a one to one though. Beats are closed back headphones and these are open backs, two completely different styles of headphones with different overall sound. That being said since going to open back for gaming I am looking forward to my future purchase of these once I have a dac/amp setup to transition to listening to music with these instead of my Beats Studio 3. Open back gaming has made me see the light and really understand true sound stages and clarity in audio something in all of the years I have had Beats I have never been able to experience.
May 9, 2020
First off, I will NOT consider myself to be an audiophile as I am yet a beginner, an apprentice. For much of my life I was in the dark, unable to see the light. So, the Beats style headphones was all I knew, and I cared not as DAT BASS was all I ever wanted, all I knew and unfortunately...all I ever cared to know. I was the Trump supporter of headphones, unable to unveil the shroud of lies fed to me through society, as I scuffed at the mere idea of open back headphones because I viewed them as overpriced, weak sounding, and just odd looking. We all experienced the recent events that transpired, this invisible enemy that ravaged this country as we were forced to bunker down at home. And it was during this time where it finally dawned on me, as I failed to quantify the importance of how a set of headphones "looked" when the only judge was a mirror that I seldom looked into. So, as I wanted to buy a new pair or headphones, I finally decided to give the Philips SHP9500's a try. Shuffled through many reviews stating that they were a stellar option for the "foot in the door" in the world of open back headphones. And oooh lord...The self guilt that punched me in the gut as I finally understood why people loved open backs. No longer were the varying frequencies gawking over one another to give me what I want to hear, they were delivered in formation as a proper unit should. Now I caught a glimpse of the light and I wished to see more. So after much consideration, I bought...well more like splurged on a pair of the Sennheiser HD58x's and the Hifiman 4xx's, along with a Schiit stack Dac/Amp combo. And HOLY SCHIIT!! Now I have stepped out of the darkness that was the cave of ignorance. I was greeted by a symphony of angels in audio heaven, each note supporting one another in perfect harmony to create this hair-raising experience as you become immediately entranced in the vocals that deliciously breathe into your hear. The bass, the SUB BASS that I haven't known to exist until this moment, only to confirm my stupidity of neglecting myself this very experience! The clarity of it all, the realization that the bass I was showering my ears with was just disgusting mud. The highs that I used to suppress, as previously they used to attack with a screeching vengeance, causing my ears to hide in fear. Now they shimmer along so peacefully, as you catch glimpses of the their brilliance as they pass on by. The tranquility of the natural tones, like a steady stream that weaves between the rocks, to the thunderous crash of a waterfall, yes these headphones sound like how nature intended it to be. And sadly, just like nature, it is exploited to make us believe that it provides us with no purpose, as we are told time and time again that "convenience" is what we must desire. I now realize that mainstream headphones are only compensating with the boisterous bass response to hide their lack of clarity an quality, as they force us to believe they are superior because of convenience. But I ask you, are cords really that "inconvenient"? Before we even draw our first breath, are we not the very definition of the miracle of life? Connected to our mothers by a "cord" I might add. Embrace the cord, shun the mainstream world we live in as I did. My ears are open for the first time, and I will never again judge a headphone through a popularity contest. Open your heart, your ears, your headphones, and you will find a truly magnificent experience, and you will never look back in regret.
Jul 26, 2021
Shin_Dighow many drama classes have you taken
Nov 30, 2021
Shin_DigI almost stopped reading at the introduction of politics in a headphone answer. But, the rest that I read shows my current and future country of headphones. Beautifully written.
May 7, 2020
Just about anything is better than Beats
May 5, 2020
beats suck.
Jun 11, 2021
RatsForSaleshessh someone gets it. They really do suck dick
Oct 4, 2019
I mean, sound quality wise, as stated by others, hella no. But it's way more portable tho since it's closed-back.
Feb 24, 2020
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