What's the difference between the HD 58X and HD 660S?

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Dec 27, 2020
As an owner of both... The HD 58X Jubilee has more sub bass, and a different glossy paint job. Short 3.5mm terminated cable. Costs less. The HD 660 S has a larger driver, with improved sound performance. The HD 660S has a more refined and clearer sound, better sense of depth and distance. A bit more effortless, like the sound has overcome some slight muddiness. There’s also a 3D raised area on the speaker grille, and it has a matte black enclosure. Mine came with a long 6.35mm terminated single-ended cable and a long 4.4mm Pentaconn terminated balanced cable. To make a video game analogy, it’s like you can play the same game on both, but the HD 660S has a 60 FPS rate and you can see grasses and other fine details further into the distance, whereas the HD 58X has a bit of pop-in and grasses and doo-dads in just the immediate area.
Oct 3, 2019
A quote from Sennheiser, in response to some claiming they are virtually the same thing: "Though the HD 660 S and the HD 58X Jubilee are both dynamic driver designs made from our specially developed plastic, the same impedance ratings, and constructed in the same Ireland factory, they do not share a driver, and are in fact differently produced designs."
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