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What's the difference between the HD 58X and HD 6XX?


Feb 17, 2021
Definitely get the 6XX. I’m have both of them. And my Beyerdynamics and my AKGs. Although my AKG 7XX are my least favorite. Anyways - Tchaikovsky through the 6XX is sublime! The pizzicato movement you can hear their fingers touch the string. I’m a classical musician and classical through the 6XX is awesome. And I think folk / acoustic is a great pair as well. I also really like Nine Inch Nails in the 6XX as his layers are very distinct and the 6XX let’s them come right through. With all that said. I like rock and pop and such better with 58X. I also like switching up my headphones - minimizes fatigue and keeps my ears sharp for listening for the differences.
Aug 13, 2020
Hopefully this doesn't sound too snobby, because I own both cans and think they're both great. They're $50 cheaper than the HD6XX. If that $50 is a deal-breaker, chances are the rest of your gear would jive with the HD58X just as well as the HD6XX, if not better. If you're new to the hobby and are deciding between the two, I actually think the HD58X is the better recommendation - a little easier to drive, better in the bass, with a treble signature that's hard to complain about. If you're deciding what headphone would get the most out of the NOS tubes you got for your OTL amp, the HD6XX will get the most out of it. I can see the HD6XX underwhelming someone new to the hobby compared to the HD58X. I can also see hobby veterans preferring to HD6XX to the HD58X.
Nov 29, 2019
I agree with what people say about the voicings. As far as difficulty driving I’d like to add that the 6XX aren’t that bad and that my AKG 7XX seem more power hungry than either the 58X or the 6XX.
Oct 3, 2019
Such a potential can of worms here... I think it comes down to 2 things:
  1. The subjective/personal experience of which sounds better (and there are hundreds of opinions out there about which one sounds better and/or how they are different). Even if 2 people agree on how they differ in sound, they might disagree on which they prefer.
  2. The objective difference, of which there is really only one that matters- impedance. You have to use an amp with the 6XX @ 300 ohms. You can get away without one on the 150 ohm 58X (but I don't recommend it). Otherwise, I don't find any spec or build differences that really matter (at least for me).
If you're on the move, with your phone, and don't want to slip a portable headphone amp in the chain, the 58X would be the better choice. Personally, I use my 6XX with an amp, primarily for gaming and listening to music that is on my pc. My 58X is plugged into a keyboard, without an amp. They both sound and feel fantastic. Choosing between them, for me, is fairly impossible. I love them both, I would be fine with just one or the other. And, at the end of the day, I don't think anyone could make a wrong choice by buying either one or both. The only bad decision would be not to buy one at all.
May 12, 2021
Hi, I hope you are still active. I was was wondering if you can recommend me an amp for these headphones?
Jun 8, 2021
Drop has made some big changes, and not necessarily for the better, in my humble opinion, so... I haven't been visiting the site nearly as often as I once did. Sorry for the delay. I'm sure there are audiophiles here that have better informed opinions. I use the JDS Labs' Element II. It's a combined DAC/Amp that is well-built, simple to use and setup, and sounds fantastic. I've used it for years and it's still delivering the goods. That's all I can recommend. I haven't used anything else. Hopefully, others can give you better advice.
Oct 3, 2019
To my ears, the 58X has deeper sub-bass, fuller midrange and a sharper top-end while the 6XX has more mid-bass and smoother top-end making for a sound that is often described as plush. I greatly prefer the HD58X.
Oct 3, 2019
The main differences are price and sound stage, the hd58x are better for gaming imo and are much cheaper but if you are looking for a very neutral sounding headphone and are willing to spend more then get the 6xx.
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