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Loopwheeler - for the knit picky

Now, only 3 factories left in the world & always, only 3 needles per machine. The Loopwheeler is heralded as a good-as-it gets knit for most enthusiasts. These century old machines can be first traced back to Italy at the turn of the 20th Century and its process was licensed out to American heritage brands like LL Bean and Champion, which is why their archival sweats and tees are so coveted by collectors today. There are only 3 factories producing these knits today, 2 in the Wakayama prefecture of Japan and 1 in the Swabian Alps of Germany. Each machine takes its sweet time - only completing twenty-four rotations per minute, making enough fabric for 3-4 garments per day. This slow 3 needle knitting creates deep pockets of space between yarn threads, creating both incredible softness, and density that also adds to the resilience of the fabric. Loopwheelers are the pinnacle of slow knitting of natural fibers to preserve and enhance the original softness of plucked cotton. As these old machines knit yarn by yarn by yarn, air is trapped within the cotton and this pillowy construction results in a downy soft texture. It's easy to discern the difference of fabrics between high-speed machine and Loopwheeler knits fresh off the knitter and years of washing. We are so excited to bring this fabric to our community in our Loopwheeler sweatshirt. We'd like to hear from the community about loopwheeler stories, history and favorites products. ...and please don't forget to click on the request button on the product page!
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You peeps are legends (esp for keeping it honest). useful feedback muchly appreciated - it takes time to learn everything ‘Drop’ I love the fact that it feels like ‘all hands on deck’, that everyone is passionate and striving to build a great site and products. kudos to y’all. i’m not offended if ‘great expectations(dickens)’ isnt read. its a litmus test, and I am thankful to see the active participation given by Drop staff across all threads. Well done team!
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Kudos :-D I love “increased softness,... and durability.” To DROP (staff, moderators, ‘collectives on this product’) Suggestion: I Offer, free, unique piece of art “Per Piece” for sleeves (to identify Drops’ mission). {could be a radio button at checkout, no cost} Of course unique piece of art, larger,.. for having review samples, Drop product reviews to ‘pass on’ to other Drop forums goers’ (if acceptable to Drop conditions: as could be seen as ‘offering on’ to profit), ‘Channel Support’ (including direct line of contact to Drop teams as necessary etc), and whatever helps facilitate delivering a high number of unique pieces of art from an ‘up and coming artist’. Whilst it wouldn’t matter to me which artist you use to keep this Drop’ uniquity of a small ‘logo’esqe badge: it is that the concept aligns with with the magic of individual output that Loopwheeler creates. The only reason I offer this ‘free art to get you started’, is the entrepreneurial eye that recognises leverage- in this instance the littlest effort to obtain the greatest change. As a person who has started many businesses’ and offered a level of excellence beyond (with internationally received awards acknowledging such); knowing Gold when I see it- probably my (along with most survivors) life d’etre ’rasion: I live for wealth, and see an “excellence opportunity” coming along’. Just being a little poetic in my way of speaking as ‘nothing less’ would be fit to announce any aspect of this prodigys’ talents. So I qualify, a -=’wittle passionately=- with only ‘one or two’ paragraphs as to what their unique ‘brand’ might be. Artist has just started branching from Human subjects. If new transition is anything like phases of ‘Homo Erectus’ ‘Anime/Comic’ style development seen in initial part of last FOUR YEAR PROCESS (generally four hours a day —always towards mastery), then this new stage should be the best time to grab ‘rare and unique’ pieces. The first quarter of time it took until ‘satisfaction’ with present designs, was spent trying many styles, a few mediums, and much re’specc’ing. The hundreds of pens used is probably my only grievance of missed ‘promotional’ propaganda potential’ -a photo of a bin filled with one specific pen type could be here instead....
YEs; This bloody pen! ++Heck, Happy to give a sticker (see below) for Pens’; (not sure if this constitutes “begging for charity”/ or has to be a joke to maintain postability., mods I can remove, or else we can take this as opportunity to report I needto/want to work for you!!) Continuing on,.. I will include a couple of pictures at the bottom of post; if I can see any from last two nights sketching efforts. (Proof I don’t proofread/edit, and constant reminder to my readers Be Warned “could rant at any moment”/<giggles>) (If I was a professional, ie getting paid for this- this paragraph would have been edited away. Employ me please!?) I would like to offer 100 ‘stickies’ of art to include in say, ‘100 random Drop boxes’, (maybe from runs including Output from Loopwheeler, these small stickers could be a limited edition run which will contain Suggestions for sleeve art, perhaps?). I would certainly take pride in being a part in any aspect of Loopwheeler, an example: I would love to forge ahead with any output that could be printed on, and build a Channel of unique designs to support <u>me</u> being able to give 100% of my time to Drop each week... I have a webpage I could turn to a retail portal for selling Louises(Loopwheeler)’ (I’d name her) Threads with Comic overtones. This post in Public Dropspace to show Drops’ willing and geared for production nature, and how ‘easy’ it can be to collaborate on Projects on these pages and to keep people who enjoy reading about entreprenuer’ship oporations (the creative collective this section is all about). I am an Aussie. Thankyou for enjoying out upfronted’ness and honesty. Its how we do things to save time ;-) Good day to y’all. (We steal things)
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Ima be real with you, I only parsed about half of this, but I'm glad you're invested in the platform and willing to spend the time to write this much.
Ima be real with you, thats about as much as I got through.