Drop + Naked & Famous Kihon Black Stretch Denim
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Back in Black - Drop + Naked & Famous Kihon

An Absolute Essential Black jeans are an iconic easy two feet-in essential that goes with everything. Think Elvis' Jailhouse Rock, Lou Reed, the Ramones and so many other rock n rollers... all the way to today's powerhouse runway brands. Black jean can take you from day to night, casual to dressy, they are an absolute essential for everyone’s wardrobe.  Stretch Recovery A great pair of stretch denim are most guys first choice for comfort & with 'great recovery' a good stretch denim stands out from the rest. Most stretch denim stretches out & doesn’t snap back to shape. Then you have to play the washer-dryer game, shrinking your jeans up until they fit great for a few minutes and then stretch back out again. That’s because the cheaper stretch fibers break and wear out quickly and why we are using an exclusive Naked & Famous Japanese stretch denim. Soon to come is the DROP + Naked and Famous Kihon Black Stretch Denim. Let us know what you love about black jeans and how you style them in the discussion. ...and please don't forget to click on the request button on the product page!
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For those of us that are not rock-star thin, are you planning to make them with a 40" and 42" waist?
Hey Valiant - We are definitely making 40 - perhaps 42. Get back to you on that. We are going to make a 42 on our Drop Ibarra Slim Rinse Denim.
Valiant - yes on the 42.
You say’ they’re for “most guys”,.. but isn’t it for the people who see us in them... or ‘not see bits of us’ in them..... That includes ‘most grrls’ too, I would say. :-p Nice lead with the band list roll on in the product synopsis.. Rock ohn!
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Oh man, I am hyped about these pants (black American Eagle jeans pictured)