LG V30 headphone adapter.

I have a LG V30+ and I've seen people mention something about a "x" ohm adapter, can someone please link it to me or provide a brief explanation of what it helps with. Thanks.

It tricks the phone circuitry into "high impedance" aka high gain mode. The threshold is roughly 50 ohms (sometimes it takes a bit more to trigger) and you would get there by taking nominal impedance of your headphone + the adapter rating. Honestly it's only valuable to me for planars as everything else get's plenty of gain in automatic. There are some that mistakenly believe you don't get use of the full quad DAC if you aren't in "high impedance mode". This is incorrect, the only thing you are affecting is output voltage.
Jan 7, 2020
And today on posts that aged like milk, amirm’s ASR measurement of LG’s standard dac and triggered dac measures completely different. :)
We were talking about Quad DAC high impedance mode vs aux vs "standard" impedance mode, not Quad DAC on or Off. You're comment isn't related to this topic. Good to know ASR still attracts those with an attention to detail.