Oct 28, 2017

Kitchen Knives

My long time favorite kitchen knives come from Messermeister. They are an old line German knife maker. They still make their knives in Solingen (one of the great steel towns along with Sheffield, Damascus etc). They don't advertise a lot, but generally sell directly to professionals. I tried to post prices for them but somehow got "price invalid". It came directly from manufacturers site, so not sure what the issue was. Here's a link: http://www.messermeister.com/
tom.benedict and namhod

I have a few Global knives and a few Shun. By far the Globals are my favorite. Plus I love the looks and feel. I haven't handled any Messermeisters but I am sure they are good quality as are the other two mainstream German brands I can think of.
I find kitchen knives to be largely personal preference. For me at least after touching my two chef knives I had to have them.