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Oct 31, 2017
A couple I love.....and I think you could find on youtube at this point (and really worth finding):
1. Search for "lidia bastianich". She is amazing. She did a show that I think was called "Lidia's Italian Kitchen" or something like that. Fantastic italian cooking....and it's fun to watch because a) she is super excited about what she makes.....b) she has written cookbooks, one of which I own and her recipes always come out the same at home as when she cooks....and c) any episode i've seen she has some wine at some point.
2. Search for Jacques Pepin and his daughter Claudine....Jacques cooked with Julia Child and to see the interplay of Jacques and his daughter is funny. Jacques is definitely the expert....and Claudine - well, not so much. Hehehehe. But seriously, some really cool French dishes.....
3. Finally, if you can find some with Julia Child on youtube. Being one of the premier chefs from the last 100 years.....she's pretty amazing.
Oct 31, 2017
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