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I wish Massdrop's website would...

I've tried emailing a couple of feature requests but it seems to go into a black hole. So, I'm hoping that this way will attract others to chime in and agree to show support.
There used to be a way to show drops sorted by "ending soonest", but I can't find it any more. The other sort order I REALLY could use is "most recently activated". That would be much better for me than the daily emails.
I also VERY much want to be able to flag a drop I'm thinking about to get a reminder (a day or two) before the end of the drop.
Please add these features! Or, if they're already here, where are they?
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I wish Massdrop's website would...
randomly malfunction and send me free gear ;-)
I brought this up with MD personnel, and their response to me was that something is coming in regards to this very soon. So they realize the issue, and are rolling out an update to address it soon.
Sort by newest... isn’t really newest. We have to first scroll through 30 or so “in stock” items (i.e. regular for-sale non drop items!) to get to the actual newest drops. Newest should mean “drops”.
I agree totally. This is for frustrating for me being someone who checks the site daily wanting to see what the ACTUALLY new drops are.
I'm going to reply in a new comment to the micro-thread Jasper and I had going below, https://www.massdrop.com/talk/259/i-wish-massdrop-s-website-would/606907 .
Jasper, After using the "Newest" sort option for a week, I can see how some folks would like it, but it still feels clunky to me. I'm willing to chalk that up to simple user preference and move on. Indeed, the original poster for this discussion asked for this very feature, and it was delivered.
I'd like to ask again about a 'sort by price' option. Please add this feature.
I'd also like to ask again for a different sorting option for Talk/Discussion. The reasoning for which I, and other folks, have outlined in other comments on this page.
Thanks again for your consideration of Massdrop users' requests.
The discussion pages are the backbone of your website & its broken as far as I'm concerned, right now it's a confusing mess... it was much more organized & legible with the pagination.
Here is a very informative article regarding infinite scrolling https://www.nngroup.com/articles/infinite-scrolling/
There's a design rule that the web design team needs to understand, The KISS principle.
The only improvement that the site has ever lacked in my eyes is an updates tab on the respective drop page.
Lastly I applaud your efforts to improve, but keep it simple.
This article is so on-point for this site, I sure hope someone at Massdrop reads it.
At this point, I don't really care how they do it, but I'd like to be able to read the early discussion posts. The bread and butter items of Massdrop, the Varmilo keyboards, are impossible to decide to buy, since one can not view the first 20 or so discussion posts, where the most valuable user discussion often starts. I'm about to learn Greasemonkey, just so I can fix this site into something usable.
Massdrop devs, please give us another option.
I recall sending an email a couple years ago suggesting a "sort by newest drops" option. They responded with something along the lines of "thanks for the suggestion" blah blah.
Without the function I suppose they make us sift through all the drops again which increases exposure to the site and thus increasing the chances of buying something... maybe? I dunno.
I hope what they say about being better late than never is true... https://www.massdrop.com/my-communities/drops/newest
Well, I'm definitely happy now. Thanks, mister CTO!
Word man I've had similar problems but I called their support line at 613-204-0113 and they gave me some insight as to how you can fix this problem.
I wish Massdrop's site would let me add items to polls or even to a new poll that I'm trying to create. That would be really awesome. For some reason I fill out the forms to do so and hit submit and never see the thing I added...
The discussion pages are now useless.
The most recent comment as of right now (mine) on the https://www.massdrop.com/buy/mountainsmith-day-tls-lumbar-pack/talk page is 5 posts down from the top.
So logic for the Talk pages appears to be, top to bottom: - oldest post is first at the top, then newest post, then specific replies to that post, oldest first. For Discussion pages on drops it appears to be: - newest post, then specific replies to that post, oldest first, then next newest single post.
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You have not affected faster performance. Using an Intel i7 hardwired to >50Mb/s down connection with FF 50.0 causes slower performance in loading discussion posts for me. The blank post placeholders load, and then I wait for them to start populating. It was faster before when this was not a function of that awful infinity scroll. Also, it is impossible to get to the first posting on some of these drops that have 500+ comments. I gave up on this current drop: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akg-m220-semi-open-studio-headphones/talk Many times, the first 20 comments or so contain valuable info; that info is now obscured.
Legibility has basically not changed and readability is getting worse https://www.w3.org/wiki/Text_styling_with_CSS#Web_typography_review
How about a compromise and make this a user profile setting? If folks are clamoring for this kind of sorting, let them keep it. If others like a more linear view, let them keep it. I'd like to help this site get better and not just be perceived as negative about your decisions.
Thanks for noting this... my comments applied before these horrid changes and are now multiplied by it. giant sigh ... worse than complaining into a black hole is a black hole that spews back partially implemented attempts at improvements that are actually worse than no improvement.
A small feature that would be very useful later on when more products are available is a "Sort by Price" option.
Don't undersell it; a sort by price feature would be a _huge_ boon to the usability of Massdrop.
I see you've now started using the infinity scroll for the Discussion page on drops now, too. Will you guys ever make it easier for us to buy from this site?
Sorting by "Ending Soon" does a disservice to those drops that are new, but are for shorter than the longest drops. They end up in the middle of the page. They may be new today, but they are still buried. You still force us to go all the way to the end of the infinite scroll and load every single drop before scrolling back through and confirming that anything new has shown up from the previous day, for example. Price and age are two sorts that every good sales UI uses. I reached out to you guys three months ago to tell you I'd buy more stuff if the site had better sorting - it's an oppressive UI.
I also agree there should be a bookmark/favorite/star/wish list feature.
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I would like to understand the issue with the "Newest" sort -- as implemented, this shows the most recently launched drops first. I would assume that this sort would allow you (as a daily browser) to see the newest drops right at the top of the listing, and would ensure that you're not missing a drop. Maybe I'm misunderstanding?
To be fair, I haven't tried this in a while. So I can give it a few days' test drive and see if it is an improvement from my previous experience. But in the past, the order was not at all consistent. Sometimes that EZGO Wallet that is now the latest drop would show up in the first page of scrolling, and sometimes it would be a page (a few rows) down. Perhaps that's been ironed out here, and I'm not giving you folks enough credit :-)
Any comment on a sort by price option? Thanks again for taking the time to reply, and working with the community.
I would love a RSS feed for drops and polls.
I would love to see a sort by Newest drop, its annoying to have to scroll through a bunch of things to find something new
I would like to be able to "bookmark" products and have a list of "things I really really like from massdrop".
Sorting by "newest" is VERY important. These sort-by options really must NOT be disabled for mobile!
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Thank you!
Now, if onlay using my iPad your website wouldn't be compelled to give me a mobile version that doesn't show "newest" !! And I can't see a way to tell it to not go mobile. Trying to be too smart and ending up much less useful!
p.s. I was forced to choose a community for this thread, even though it is not specific to any community. There should be a way to post without specifying a community.
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Also, filtering is one part, but I used to be able to sort by subject... and that no longer works. The biggest gripe is: the response was thanks for your input.. that's all. I can't be alone.
Also, info@i.massdrop.com is used for a few other emails from Massdrop. The old subject, however, was 100% sure.
The new subjects, unfortunately, have the similar issues that the new chat system has, flashy distraction (sales pitch clickbait titles instead of the lovely trio of simple/consistent/informative) and less functionality (not as easily recognizable visually or algorithmically for searching).
They may have a business benefit that outweighs our "paltry" user concerns, but thanks @ltopper for at least acknowledging some of the requests are being heard :)
I do think that MANY of us are mobile and you're doing us a disservice dropping features from the mobile site. Well, then it would seem that one other need is to be able to select the non-mobile site when using a phone or tablet.
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Ahhh... you've finally changed the subject line of daily emails to something that could have been useful, but isn't. Please remove the "Hi Fearlessleader! " beginning and just start the subject with "Announcing New Massdrop Drops" (or products if you prefer that word over drops).
Really, there's no need to put a userid into the beginning of the subject line AND it does nothing to associate the message with Massdrop since many people use the same userid on many sites. The subject line really NEEDS to say "massdrop" and something about "new drops" or it's not useful to filter. And the current/new "Announcing New Products" is not at all unique to massdrop to use that as a filter either! i.e. The new subject line is still not useful as a filter. Thanks.
(Hmm, I could've sworn I typed a reply to this when you replied, apologies. The interwebs must have ate it...)
I'm not looking for a page-click toggle necessarily, your resposne to kaluce mentioned one. I am mostly lamenting the loss of the ability for my phone's browser to toggle by itself, as it does on many mobile-specific page designs of other sites. Default mode is mobile, and with a click on a menu option in the browser it will instead load the full desktop version with all the zooming and panning around the tiny screen that the design mismatch implies, hehe.
The new site framework appears not to honor that choice, however, and forces mobile on the browser no matter which mode it's requested in. I understand the detection and defaulting to a mobile version, but unfortunately it's another instance of flexibility and choice being sacrificed by "let us do it for you" policy in this redesign.
@ltopper, two things the desktop version of the site does better are the aforementioned sorting options on the drops page, and also the ability to see at a glance what the latest three activities on a drop were. This last one is only really handy to MAYBE save you from scrolling the whole talk page to find one or two of the new posts if they were replies and not top level. Normally just sidebar "noise", but with the unfortunate design choice of the talk page it becomes one of the few possible sources of finding "signal" :)
Great points Fearlessleader! First, our apologies that it has felt as though you've been shouting into the dark - we are here, always listening and watching and your feature requests are very important to us.
To your first point regarding an Ending Soon filter: - If you navigate to "My Communities" (or any Community) for that matter, then click on the Drops tab there is a filter that appears at right which holds the key to what you're looking for. Unfortunately it is currently only accessible via desktop, not mobile phones, which was a simplification made that we have plans to revisit. I've attached an image below. - Alongside that capability, we are working on our personalization algorithm and have planned to include recency of drop launch as an input for our most engaged members.
To your second point regarding Flagging Drops or Saving Products for Later: - We are developing plans to build upon and improve the feature set that relates to products. We hope to improve how members can indicate interest, save and potentially add products they already own to their profiles.
Any thoughts, feedback, ideas for improvements or new features you have are always very welcome - thank you for reaching out!
The most important addition is a way to have this discussion NOT be in just one community. Get kits of input. Make this discussion visible to get lots of input.
Stop trying to dictate a version of the website you see upon us mobile users. Many of St. want the full site because our phone's screens aren't small anymore.
Oh. It seems that your mobile version is also foisted on tablet users too... no reason on earth for that. Please let us decline from your view of how we see your site from mobile devices.