Sep 29, 2019
Yet to come/Work in Progress 4 Borderline Buys (might swap this with ‘5 Purchasing’ for logical, evolved reading) Sometimes a disc you want badly will be in between a bunch that you might not care too much about. Always take all candidates to the register, as your tall pile indicates how serious you are about buying. Before you whittle down to what is ‘keepable’, haggle the price a little bit. ‘First round haggling’; establish any discount for buying multiple CDs. Statements like “what if I buy more than ten?”... Keep the thought in mind as some discs that wouldn’t normally pass muster, might be acceptable if they work out to be thrown in for free, or are exceptionally cheap due to buying a bunch of ‘good’ albums.
I wouldn’t buy this disc. In fact I basically don’t buy any disc that is marked. A quick check to establish how a disc has been handled ‘in the past’ can be done with exhaling (your breath) onto the disc surface. This will reveal small surface abrasions and finger prints etc. I usually find ten discs in the store and generally leave with two to four. Generally following this rule I spend about fifteen minutes time, and walk away with five discs for five dollars. The extra disc ‘to make it a round number’ is often any disc that is perfect that has interesting art, or something that piques my interest.
This disc has a few scratches that don’t go into the ‘recorded data’ area. Maybe the last few seconds of the last track. If this was an awesome album, and the price was cheap enough, I MIGHT consider it.
This is a standard 45minute long album, pressed to CD. It is only ‘half filled’, and scratches and marks to the outer edge are totally fine. Even some damage to the top of the disc, if it was towards the outer edge, might be acceptable.
Sometimes great albums have missing covers. If the price is right, they can be worth buying. I just make up a case for them, and label the spine, if they are going into a CD rack. Back in the nineties this was often taken to a much more professional level which involved colour printing original album art etc. OOps,.. my ‘backup’ of TravellingWilburys (disc 2) cause it is a rare album. The local LIBRARY had it and MEMBERSHIP IS FREE. At the time the album was worth a couple of hundred dollars to buy.... damaged cases missing covers missing discs (anthology/multidisc case) is the artwork rare (buy the case, sans the CD) Due to the nature of how discs are traded in or given to certain stores, it isn’t uncommon to hit a vein of pure gold. Sometimes whole collections are side by side; their condition is likely to be similar. Oh the Joy when the first disc is immaculate and there are twelve more titles to check! Having volunteered to work Sundays in a hock shop (to get access to the ‘staff loans’ book) whole collections of AC/DC or John Butler Trio would turn up (it was Western Australia, so very fitting).
Two “Nine Inch Nails” covers for “with teeth”; you can see the different white points that the printers were calibrated to. One is a double sided disc, a DVD on one side, and a CD on the other. (flip the disc to play it in a DVD player) Continuing to.. https://drop.com/talk/26089/dragems-how-to-buy-second-hand-compact-discs/2513462 (part 5)(factor price and YOUR budget)
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Take a good peek at CYBERBLADE. See you at the end of August.
Aug 4, 2022
To slow for drop.
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Aug 3, 2022
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