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Top Kitchen Knives Under $150 (POLL)

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In the Cooking Community, one of the most popular product categories is kitchen knives so we want to create a poll specifically about what the community thinks are the Top Kitchen Knives Under $150.
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The kitchen knife that came out on top was the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch, submitted by yigitemre!
Keep a look out for this knife in the coming weeks as we do our best to source this product and make it available to the community!

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Nettaboo Gunn, kunalkumar, and 2 others

They also have some pretty good kitchen accessories
The results are in, folks. Looks like the most voted for knife was the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch submitted by yigitemre! We'll try and source this knife and make it available in the coming weeks.
After doing a ton of research I ended up with a Shun Premiere 6" Chef (which I got on sale for 115$). The price now at WS is ~160. So if you can't get it on sale, go with the Shun Classic 6" Classic Chef (130$) which is similar.
Why Shun: - They are sharpened to 16 degrees, which makes them perceptibly sharper than a standard knife. - They are relatively light - They are pretty. :-)
Why 6" and not 8": - It is lighter, it's easier to be precise at speed with a lighter knife. - It's shorter also allowing for more precision at speed. - It is a bit cheaper. - If you are going to need a bigger knife for a relatively infrequent task, such as opening a big squash, you'll use a bigger cheapo knife for that task. (I have a 15$ plastic handle 9" knife for these tasks, it's great)
Why pay the extra $$ for the Premiere: - Even prettier - The sides are bumpy, making food stick to it less.
Don't know about you but I've worked in commercial kitchens for 5 years and the last three I have had a shun 8" and although I have thoroughly enjoyed it and is my go to I will not use it to cut through bone or tougher fruit/veggies like a squash, tougher things in general I'd be wary. Within the first months I already had chipped the tip of the knife and although the sharp blade is great on the sense that it is sharper so it cuts so much smoother with less effort, I'd also recommend another commercial chef knife like j.k. Henkels or wusthof chef knives.
You mentioned the 16 degree angle, Western knives have 25 if I remember correctly. The pros of that is, at least for me, confidence in cutting through bone and things like squash, and generally be rougher with the blade. I've had a wusthof 8"chef for 7 years and it is the knife I use at home. My shun is for work and I know what I will and won't cut with it.
Anyways not trying to be a butt about your recommendation, just wanting to participate in throwing my two cents. And I get you where specifically talking about the 6 inch and bringing up the speed of using a smaller chef as opposed to an 8. Never used a small chef knife so I don't have anything to say about that :)
Yes. Totally agree, that's why I have the bigger, cheaper knife for those rough jobs.
Using the shun on chopping veggies quickly with precision is where it is a real joy to use.
Global Kitchen knives are damn good knives and if Massdrop could get a deal on them I'd buy a whole set.
Tojiro DP line is amazing and outperforms any german stainless knives in both edge retention and the blades being thin ...and having no bolsters which make the blade harder to sharpen all the way to the heel or back edge of the knife amazon has them as well as they are also much lighter in weight and more nimble than german brands and cheeper usa brands fibrox is also good but heavy and thick blades
best bread knife used by allmost all chefs Mercer Culinary Millennia 10-Inch... Also on amazon cheap it competes with brands 3 times its price
Calphalon's Katana series has some of the best looking mid-tier kitchen knives I've seen. Would definitely be interested in adding to my collection with those.
Just looked them up. They're pretty sleek for the price. Would love to have them myself:
I'm a big fan of Americas Test Kitchen and they do the tests on all these sorts of things. They are a big Victorinox fans, in the 8" chef's knife, so I bought one. Great knives and you won't need to save up for them.
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Can't be much $$ since the Victorinox cost under $40. If your premise is true, why wouldn't they take money from the Henckels at $140?
Not sure I understand. When I saying “taking money”, I mean that I believe they are paying for the sponsorship. Not getting money for every knife sold.