Wolverine's 1000 Mile Boot
Curious about experiences with this classic. Cautious to order online if the fit isn't great...though it seems they can be returned within 45 days (except for custom boots).
Fit: Online comments suggest ordering a size 10, for example, rather than 10.5 (as a typical ideal fit). How about width? Is a standard D actually D width or slightly narrower or wider? D and 3E seem to be the only width options.
Models: So many.... Any advice/preferences/etc. in picking the style? An attempt at summarizing *boot* style variations:
  • Original -- including a leather sole...
  • Evans -- grippy sole, otherwise original style?
  • Addison Wingtip -- fanciest?
  • Rockford Cap-toe -- fancier...
  • Harwell Chukka -- lower cut & fancier...
  • Montague Chelsea -- slip-ons & grippy sole
  • Courtland -- grippy sole & boxier toe??
  • 'Cortado' -- full Vibram sole
I'll likely go for the Original, though the Evans is also appealing. Are leather or rubber soles 'better'?
Color: How do the various color options wear over time? The black and brown are my likely choices, but which one?! :) Thoughts on color versatility with outfits? Is Cordovan No. 8 color a slightly reddish brown? Any dye leakage with wetness (rain, sweat, etc.)?
Any other advice is appreciated, such as 'Care.'

Apr 17, 2020
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Nov 2, 2017
I've got the original in black with the white "wedge" sole. In my experience, they fit large. I wear an 8.5 in casual/dress shoes, 9 in running shoes, and needed an 8 in the Wolverines. The medium width seems about right, and should be fine unless you have really wide feet. They started out almost a chalky grey color, but broke in quickly and darkened up after an application of Snow Seal (that I melt in with a hair dryer then buff the excess out). I didn't experience any bleeding of the color, but then again, I'm typically wearing dark merino socks. I wear them throughout our rainy PNW winters. You can occasionally get a great deal on these at Sierra Trading Post (make sure to get the latest coupon codes), or Nordstrom Rack. Other similar quality USA made boots to consider - Red Wing Heritage and Chippewa.