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Seeking Suggestions: Oblique Nib Holder

Calligraphers, I'm looking to purchase an oblique nib-holder. I've been using the plastic Speedball one that you can get for a couple dollars and I think I'm ready to upgrade. So far I've been looking at a lot of different Etsy shops.
I've never really invested in a 'nicer' pointed pen setup until this point so open to any advice/tips/etc you may have to find a great fit. Ideally my budget for this would be under $100. If you already use an oblique nib holder, I'd love to see pics and know more about where you got yours and how you like it!
I've been swooning over the ones that I've seen from Inkatable-- they are beautiful and some of them have a built in nib storage compartment! But alas, they are out of my price range. Here's a pic of one of them (and a link to the listing in case you're the lucky duck that gets to buy it:
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I recently found myself browsing The Toronto Pen Company's website: They make some very interesting dip pens and nib holders. Hourglass holder. Designed in consultation with Michael Sull, superb balance and grip, and under $50. In the top price bracket are Unique Obliques, handmade by Brian Smith. Beautiful sparkly resins and exotic woods. I have two and they are a dream to write with, but handmade is ‘spensive! Good luck! makes beauties. Big range in prices, all beautiful to look at. Save your pennies or just enjoy the craftsmanship.
Master penman Michael Sull manufactures oblique holders from a variety of woods. His prices run the gamut from about $40 to around $100, plus they have the added cachet of being hand made by the master himself. You might check out and follow the links to his products.
I pretty much like all things e+m. They only offer one style of nib holder, but it its elegant and affordable.
Correction, they do offer several styles: However, most are not available in the US.