Would you buy a Drop version of HD600/HD60X?

So spill over from a Reddit thread, where it seems like just about everybody (even those that own HD6XX), would be very willing to buy a Drop version of HD600 / HD60X if it is same price as HD6XX. I joked, someone suggest this to Drop.com. Well, maybe I would do it myself. @CEE_TEE I'm looking at you now. Here's what the general summary: -HD600's tuning and sound signature is very well regarded and well reviewed. Reviewers such as Tyll back when he was with Inner fidelity spoke very highly of it and preferred it over HD650. There's a lot of people curious and would want to try HD600 at some point. -Current pricing of HD600 is what stopped most people from buying it. Even though a lot of people understand that they might have a preference for HD600 based on reviews, it didnt make economic sense to spend hundreds more on it when HD6XX is just much cheaper. -If price is competitive to HD6XX, many audiophiles who already own HD6XX voiced the opinion that they would still buy and try HD600 given that they understand there are distinct sound differences between the two. -Why not? It's another legendary headphone and I'm sure the community would love to see Drop collaborate with Sennheiser to rob us (willingly) of our money again. So, it just felt super natural and people seemed excited when the idea of Drop version of HD600 crossed their mind. Can I please get a greater community feedback as to "Yeah I'll buy that" or "Nah I won't" so that Drop can seriously consider this possibility and maybe pitch this to Sennheiser if they think it's a good, community backed idea?
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Oct 8, 2019
Proponent of it, the 58X was a good product choice, they moved the sound signature to meet today's more bass-centric market; having a true 600 as a 60X would, sorta fill a void in an unsullied way (GOT;). Or... the 70X...
Oct 9, 2019
Gosh I wouldnt mind HD8XX, but I just figured that would be a real long shot and hard to pull off since it's still flagship-ish
Oct 10, 2019
Short form; The HD700 has almost the detail of the 800, but not the full soundstage. I would say also that it was tuned more for valves,, than switches, tubes not transistors... a kid in the middle, that got a bad rap, a fine set of cans that just was not an 800,,, nor a 650... that sorta morphed into the 660...
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