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Buying my first pair of "audiophile" headphones. Need help.

So I'm from the UK but I've heard great things regarding the 58x, 6xx and akg 7xx. here's what they'd cost in £ 58x: £155 6xx: £210 (hd650 are £220 used on ebay in the UK) 7xx: £150 My main usage will be gaming both "competitive" (neeeeed foootsteps :p) and also casual gaming like battlefield and the Witcher where I want to just enjoy myself. Second usage, but still important will be music. I have an "amp" but it's only an astro 2013 mix amp so I'm a little unsure what these can really power. So what headphones should I go for guys?
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Oct 12, 2019
Well, you did say music in there, so I’m going with 58X, and so you don’t say ‘what is this audiophile crap’, you need a better amp/dac.... If you want to stay pc/centric, noisy environment... then the Audionote/EVGA collaborative sound card: You will want to eventually upgrade the headphone op-amp to a MUSES02, and the line out one to something better also, when you start using it. Beyond this, you will want to look towards desktop separates.
Oct 11, 2019
The 7xx should be pretty good but keep in mind that the AKG K702 comes up a lot cheaper in the UK. Picked mine up for well south of £100. Not tried either of the Senns so can't comment but their stuff is usually very good if a bit smoothed off. Hifiman He4xx or HE400i is also worth a go for similar money. What are your listening tastes? Regarding your amp, it should be (I don't have a mixamp and I can't get a set of tech specs) just about ok to drive the AKG. It might struggle with the Hifiman (lowish impedance but awful sensitivity) and it almost certainly will struggle to drive the Senns as they are higher impedance.
Oct 11, 2019
Tickler136I actually picked up x2hrs that are on sale atm for £109. pretty good deal imo. I might pick up ad700x if I want to play "mlg competitive" but these x2s are fun af.
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