Nov 4, 201785 views

USB interfaces for basic audio recording

I'm looking to start doing some basic home recording and am looking out for budget USB interfaces. Anyone here have any good suggestions in the under $200 range? thank you!

I hear the Scarletts are good but you might also want to consider Behringer's U-Phoria line. UMC202/204HD's under $100. I've been using the UMC22 (basic model) for months now with my guitar and never had any problems. Check out Podcastage on YT for demos. :)
The first that comes to mind is the Scarlett 2i2. It uses the same preamps as their rack mount cousins, and they have a pretty darned good noise floor. The 2nd gen comes in well under your $200 price tag new from the distributor of your choice. A couple of voice actors I know use them.
Steinberg and PreSonus also have interfaces around that price range, though I don't know anything about them.
I have a presonus and a scarlet 2i2 and 2i4. all of which are great interfaces.