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Announcement: Revolutionary New Watch Storage System

I've had to keep quiet up until now, but I can finally let you guys in on my new business venture. I can't tell you how excited I am about this.
The problem: How to store and transport your valuable watches safely, protecting them from damage, in the simplest way imaginable.
The solution: Our soon-to-be-launched Advanced Timepiece Storage Pod System®, or ATiSPoS®.
With ATiSPoS you can store individual watches in their own flexible plush pods and accommodate your entire watch collection simply by throwing your ATiSPoS-protected individual watlches in a a box or drawer. When you travel you can take as many or as few watches with you, confident that they are individually protectd in their ATiSPoS pods, by putting them in any appropriate bag or container.
One of the biggest technological advances in the ATiSPoS system is our Highly Elastic Elbow Lock® (HEEL) technology (patent pending). Initial ATiSPoS prototypes that were straight tubes allowed the timepieces to occasionally fall out. But by introducting a 19-degree bend in the tube, the watches are still easy to insert, but the slight pressure from the HEEL bend, which wants to return to its natural position, keeps the watches sucure in the ATiSPoS pod.
As a special thank you to the inspiring members here we are offering an opportunity to purchase ATiSPoS pods prior to the official launch of the product line. Simply DM me with your credit card number and how many you want of each colorway, Combat Cream or Bond Beige (striped). The price, for Massdrop watch forum participants only, is $99 a pair (they are only sold in matching pairs). Upon launch the price is expected to be $249.
We don't preannounce products, but trust me that we have a lot of exciting things in the R&D pipeline.
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Can you use these ATiSPoS for any other purposes?
They look like they'd be warm on a part of your body... maybe the ears? Nah, it'd never work...
Will there be a Totoro version?
What a revolutionary idea! You'll make a mint. You should definitely talk to MD about featuring them in a drop. While they are already reasonably priced, a drop could make them even more affordable for people with large collections. The great thing is that it appears that, due to the HEEL system, the ATiSPoS pods can fit any size watch, from demurely sized vintage ladies watches to gargantuan Invicta and U Boat watches.