My first mechanical keyboard ever just arrived...

I bought Anne pro 2 here with kailh brown switches and I can say that writing on this keyboard is .. ok. Maybe caps are too small and too much cramped together... Or - it is the height of the keyboard! I don't know wether it is considered "normal" to have lowest key, e.g. spacebar, at least to centimetres above the rest of tabletop, but since I am from ever acustomed to microsoft's surface' and designers' keyboards, which are both low profile, I am genuinly getting cramps in both my wrists as I am typing this paragraph (on my new keyboard :). I also consider actuation force too low, or tactile response virtually non-existent. But, you are literary reading my first words written on mechanical keyboard. (I must add for first time in adult life, or in last 10 years. I believe in the 90's when I was a child learning to work with PCs and internet, keyboards where mechanical I believe here in post-communist Czech society. So I missed the feeling of my childhood.). Well, cramps. I am going immediately shopping for something more lower profile. And some wrist rest. But any tips where to go with my new Anne 2 Pro are welcomed :)
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Welcome to the club! It'll probably take some time for your hands to get used to the new height, keycaps and actuation. Going from low profile to the Anne pro height will be a change. If the keycaps you currently have aren't your thing, maybe you could look into DSA or XDA profiles and see what you think.
Oct 13, 2019
Cherry profile is also a low profile key isn’t it?
Cherry profile is close to oem but they do offer a low profile option as well. I was comparing cherry to the profile used on the Microsoft keyboard mentioned that all flat and one profile like what you see on laptops.