On the Verge of Deleting My Drop Account

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Oct 14, 2019303 VIEWS
This has been brewing for some time. I think I've finally reached the end with Drop. Yes there is the occasional "good" deal that's worth considering, but these are becoming far too sparse and fleeting. And then there is the common issue of incomplete or even totally inaccurate information in the descriptions, wrong pictures, or basic pictures missing (like full shots of the rear of an audio component... duh!). And even when pointed out, no change ever seems to be made, as evidenced by drops that have been running for multiple years and still contain issues commented on the first time around. What broke this camel's back? The great (sic) deals available in the first ever Drop Warehouse "Sale." First item I checked, the Kyocera 12oz Travel Mug for nearly $30 shipped... which I believe is even more than when it originally dropped (pretty sure there was free shipping). Like I did before, I'll instead order another from Amazon for just $20. For me, it has simply become a waste of time to visit Drop anymore.
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Oct 30, 2019
I'd love to read a post-mortem from the Massdrop team. Maybe an anonymous post to the Massdrop Reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/Massdrop/