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Drop should buy the tooling for the Oppo PM-3

Bring these back to life, add in changeable ear pads and keep the price the same or lower. These are grail level headphones that I regret selling and I want them to live again!

Jan 12, 2020
They did - Panda seems to be the Oppo reborn - wireless.
Oct 23, 2019
And the HA-2 as well ;- )
Doesn't really match up with their typical method of collaboration (find an active manufacturer to tweak or resurrect an old product). Oppo jumped completely out of the A/V game so they would have to find an OEM willing to make it for them, a much more difficult task than talking an existing manufacturer into a couple of special runs on their existing lines. I would like to see the PM line as well as the Disc Player line revived. Of course one can still buy a couple of the brands Oppo OEM'd for, those will supposedly be supported for another year or so.
I had one, then my wife won a white pair at RMAF, and it was good but not perfect. +Easy to power Planar +Light +Compact +Elegant tech aesthetics +Selvedge Denim case +Surprisingly comfortable pads once you found the perfect wearing position +Fairly balanced sounding/neutral +simple cable attachment point -Only one comfortable wearing position... can’t shift it if the optimal spot starts to get sore/hot -Bass extension felt a little light and less than ideal -cables felt like they didn’t have strain reliefs, would break sooner or later. Overall, I preferred the PM2, which was also fairly balanced sounding but I could come back to it again and again, and tried to keep an eye out for a b-stock unit (after my tour review, I checked several times a month for a long time). I couldn’t afford a new one with the low income I had at the time. My PM-2 Review:
I have the same thought Drop and a mechanical keyboard product. Buy the rights to it and bring it back to life
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