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Chef new to Massdrop!

Hi all!
Psyched to be here, my name's Justin. I've spent the past 8 years at Michelin-starred and award winning restaurants from Per Se, to Grace, to The French Laundry, Noma, and Frantzen, and most recently in Norway at Lysverket.
I'm taking all of that experience and sharing it through original online content to help cooks and culinary students progress their careers. I do gear reviews, industry advice, as well as a chef/restaurant podcast called The Emulsion. I'm always STOKED to talk gear (check out my page on Kit)
Just wanted to introduce myself and say hey, if there's anything I can do for anyone I'm happy to help! I'm hoping to share some new gear I'm discovering and testing, and possibly being a professional resource to anyone here that has questions.
In the meantime, go ahead and check out some stuff I've made that might interest you!
If you like fine dining and chef news take a listen to #TheEmulsion on iTunes:
For you gear heads, I paired up with Eating Tools from NYC to do a sweet collaboration all about Plating with Chopsticks:

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Excited to check out some of the Emulsion podcasts.....
Welcome to the community!
Welcome Justin!