Is this a decent build and will there be any problems?
I'm upgrading from an a10 series APU with an old ASRock FM2 board to a new ASRock B450m pro 4 with an AMD Ryzen 5 3400G. My current power supply (while being 9 years old) is a 530W and still going strong. I want to put a Samsung 970 evo 1tb ssd nvme on the board as a main boot drive and use a 2tb wd black series hdd for my storage. For ram I was planning to use ripjaw v 32gb (2x16) 3600. Later I wanted to add either a rtx Card or some equivalent. I am also currently running windows 10 home. Will I have any problems with this build?

Jan 12, 2020
Use a much cheaper NVME SSD maybe 500GB for boot. Use 16GB and spend the extra on a new PSU and better MOBO. The 3400g is being used for its IGPU i'm assuming.
Jan 2, 2020
Good that you upraded the ssd but its a little overkill . And please get a new powersuply nine to ten years should be the maximum livespan of a good one . And at best get a ELITE XG270QG monitor . Its a 1440p 165 hz monitor 27 Inch 1 ms . I tell you this is a fantastic monito If you want to spend 600 $ . I got it and its just woooow . Hope I could help
Dec 5, 2019
For gaming? If so what gpu will you be running?
Nov 6, 2019
Save some of that $ on RAM and get a new PSU. While it's true the Ryzen 3 series loves fast RAM and lots of it, you'll be fine with 16gb for the 3400g; but that 9 yr old PSU has to go. Plus, if you get a decent one with some wattage headroom, you'll be all set for your future RTX card.
Nov 3, 2019
You should be fine. But 32 GB is overkill for this build. Better to spend that cash elsewhere.
Oct 29, 2019
I wouldn't see a big problem. The ryzen series is pretty efficient. I have a 750w PSU in my build with a ryzen 7 1700 and a GTX 1070, I don't think I'm really close to using up all of the power that thing can handle. The only thing that would kind of concern me is the fact that your psu is 9 yrs old. Like car batteries, they do kind of lose their it may not be at the full 530w. Not saying you can't do it, if you're just upgrading the cpu, ram, hdd, and mobo, you should be fine for a while. If you decide to go with an rtx card, you'll definitely want to upgrade the psu though, just my .02