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The Planck Light is coming to Massdrop on November 24th at 9am EST! (updated)

You'll be able to request it soon (by the 22nd), but it won't be live until the 24th!
As far as options go, we have:
  • Four case colors (black, silver, navy, and orange)
  • Three Kailh PG1350 switch types (linear, tactile, and clicky)
  • Three assembly options! (keeping it simple the first time)
  • Clicky + Navy
  • Linear + Silver
  • Tactile + Black
We're still finalising the keycap options and some other details (carrying sleeve, usb cable choice). All of this will eventually be on the OLKB store as well (probably not assembly), but I don't have a timeframe setup yet!
If you haven't seen the video about it, check it out!
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Hola, @jackhumbert. Can I ask: what's the soundtrack used at the end of your Planck Light video? It's lovely.
Thanks! I made it :) that and the end slides were heavily inspired by adult swim's interlude bumpers!
Any chance you’d share the track? I used to run an experimental record label (, pre-millennium, and I enjoyed it. Would love to hear more.
Also, great work on the keyboards; I’ve been following your work with interest.
hope the keycaps will be pbt, however I'm already super happy that it will be usb c
if you have a lightning to usb c can you plug a keyboard to your ipad and have it work?
Where is this? I thought it was supposed to be released today at 9 AM Est?
If I remember correctly, they said that the request function would come up today but the actual drop goes into place on the 24th.
Looks amazing!  Does anyone know if the PCB can support MX style switches or will it be exclusive to the Kailh low profile switches?
Will it have more than 0x7000 bytes for storage?
Planck with low profile switches looks really great!!! Much better than I imagined.
It's time to get my second Planck, but oh my deposit, Winter is coming...
I'm also interested in this as MIDI controller like LunchPad or Ableton Push. It would be nice if it has translucent and relegendable keycaps.
Would love to see a preonic/subatomic with these caps :)
I would love to be able to buy a subatomic!
Asking only because I've made the assumption before and was wrong. Full NKRO?
Yeap! This is possible with QMK :)
Hoping there's a blank key cap option! Still excited for this
I want it so bad
Are the new Kailh low-profile Switches compatible with Keycaps from Cherry ML Boards? Can't seem to find any info and I don't have Kailh low-profile switches atm.
According to this ( video by Matt3o, they are no
Oh... in's great
My, my, my, you look so thin! Nice to see you keep inventing new concepts while staying true to ortholinear. Great looking design sir!
Can we switch out the key caps?
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I like the cut of your jib
Very cool! This will be the first time Massdrop offers Kailh PG1350 switches, right?
This keyboard looks dope, good luck with sales!
Sick, yo! This looks awesome! I can't wait to read all of the bitching about the last Planck drop!