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Whats the best bang for buck usb dac, the headphone port on my mac went. i do not want to replace the logic board or solder on a new one. so i am looking for a good usb dac for it. i don't listen to music on it often but when i want to it would be nice to have something to make it work.

Audioquest Dragonfly Black. Does what it does well, can be connected directly to your phone too :)
Hifime 9018. And I tried many. get it from their site.
Fiio K1, Q1, Q1 mk2 for budget ones.
You mean a DAC or a DAC/Amp?
the Massdrop Grace SDAC is probably the best budget USB DAC out there if you can wait for the next drop. If you can’t then I would go for the Schiit Modi 2 for $99.
If you want a DAC/Amp then I would checkout the Fulla 2 by Schiit for $99. They also have the original Fulla 1 on sale for $59. I have also heard good things about the Behringer UMC204HD.
The world is your oyster now,, so many choices,, travel or desktop? Budget? What cans or IEMs? Listening style/music? Get these questions done, for the rest to chime in.
You will enjoy this upgrade, you are now in for some fun...
Right now on MD, this is the one that intrigues me the most if you can wait,, CTH + SDAC DAC/Amp
if you can't wait, get an inexpensive travel, quick delivery MD deal, one too while you wait, with your now unstated (so we can assume unlimited;) budget: CEntrance DACport Slim