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Opinion on Bose Headphones.

Many, many, many, people hate on Bose headphones turn around and claim they're an audiophile and blab about how great they are. It seems the first thing an audiophile has to do to prove how audophilic they are is to bash Bose.

So, I just want to share my story on the Bose Headphones I have and the cost at which I acquired them, relating to how they've worked out for me. I am not an audiophile, but at the cost and relative ease w/ which I acquired them go ahead and state an alternative if you strongly feel I've erred in my acquisitions over time.
Bose Sound in-ear headphones: Paid sub $100 off the shelf at Target (3 or 4 years ago)
-->Since then I've acquired several more as gifts around $50.
-->Great day by day beaters, goes great w/ my cellphone. They're durable and have taken a beating. I take these everywhere w/ me and use them on a near daily basis. ZERO problems.
(No pictures, too lazy to go take one).
Bose Sound Gym Headphones: I forgot what these where called but I don't believe they're being sold anymore. Anyhow, I paid ~$150 3/4 years ago off the shelf at Target. Essentially they're the same as the soundsport but have an extension making them twice as long and supposedly more d
urable for gym use.
-->Doesn't really count but I do have a pair. Same as above, after 3+ years I am getting some fraying on the end of the extension cable. Bose no longer stocks those apparently, so sucks for me. But these where my gym headphones, I overpaid for them (they were available for ~$100 at some point that same year). Tbf they've been through a lot and had all sorts of things dropped on them.
(They're in the background of this photo)


Bose Sound Link 1 Portable Speaker: I paid about ~$80 for these off the shelf at Target maybe 2.5 years ago.
-->Replaced by a 2 version since then. Probably cheaper now.
-->I bring it to work and run them non-stop for 40+ hours.
-->Routinely left in the car at below freezing temperatures.
-->Works just fine, decent Bluetooth radius. Mostly listen to Octane on Sirius XM.
-->The sound quality is okay, but at the cost what do you expect.
(No pictures too lazy to go take one).
Bose QC 15: The stuff of Legends. I paid ~$90 for them on sale at Target, nearly 4 years ago.
-->You've all heard about them but my expirence has been a durable pair of headphones that gets' the job done ;-)
(No pictures, that don't include me, too lazy to go take one).

Bose QC 20: Paid about $150 3+ years ago, off the shelf at Target. TBF, it was a price match. Also, I had a $50 gift card and it ended up costing me $100 out of pocket.
-->Still used for studying to this day. I actually prefer them over the QC 15's.



Okay, so it should be obvious by now. That, I personally have had a great experience w/ the Bose line of headphones. Furthermore, I prefer Target over Wal-Mart/Best Buy/etc. ;-)
--Anyhow, when knocking on Bose one point that is consistently made is CO$T. Which I disagree w/. No one acquires anything at full cost. So, be realistic when making comparisons.
--Ease to acquire: Just pop into your local retailer and there it's yours. Most of them price-match so no problems there.
--Cost: No they aren't dirt cheap, but they shouldn't bankrupt you either.

Just bought the SoundSport in-ear headphones – Samsung and Android™ devices
--> Cost me $50 from Best Buy. I just showed them the Target version (for the Apple one which is at sale). They didn't know the difference and priced matched it. Should be good, mostly use it at work and the inline mic will be a great addition.


All I keep thinking is, nice SARB.
I can't say if I'm an audiophile, but I'm into audio tech. I've picked up a few freebie secondhand Bose stereos to tinker with and my only complaint is that they don't exactly design for disassembly - self repair or modification. So from that point of view, certain Bose products might be more geared towards consumers who will replace their electronics at the end of their life cycle. That said, I cracked open a CD3000 and got it running. I think it's alright for pulling radio and testing CDs.
Haha, thanks pal. The Sarb035 is a main piece of my collection alongside atm the Combat Sub and the Golden Gilt Turtle. I have plenty more watches but these are the three which get the most wrist time. Here are the better pictures I've taken of the three ;-)



Whoa, nice trio, nice photos.
From my experience with their AE and QC series, the do get their bass right everything else though is meh to alright. It is quite clear who their target audience is when they focus so much on bass quality and nothing else.
You describe yourself as not an audiophile though isn't that enough of a hint? Sound matters to an audiophile first and foremost, everything else can take a back seat.
Side note: Bose and Beats are quite swappable with this thread especially when Beats first came out with garbage. So many people couldn't understand what is so bad about them.
I like Bose speakers more than headphones
Off topic, but what brand is the brown NATO strap on the Seiko diver?
Thanks. In this pic it's the BluShark Orca
I routienly keep it on a digital camo strap as well but the blushark feels way better
Nothing bad about Bose, if anything Beats are at the butt of more jokes than Bose for audiophiles. The problem isn’t that they're not good enough it’s just they have a different target audience. Bose are meant to give a more premium sound and experience for the average consumer, and not aiming to please audiophiles with there specs or be used in some fancy complex setup.
common opinion is - Bose is good but should cost 3 times less.
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Thanks pal, I'll look into it.
Okay, I bought it. Actually, learned a few things here.....
Like impedance and why the AKG m220's need more power. Soundstage was interesting.
Anyhow, looking forward to receiving it. Thanks for your time pal.
Lol, for a non-audiophile... I have a lot of headphones at the moment :D
Nothing wrong with Bose if u can get it at a good price, what Bose suffers from is big box store profit margins.
This is fair and probably true. Senssheiner seems to make better headphones from a quick Amazon search around $100. However, it comes down to true sound vs. Pleasant sound (most people don't care but I understand why pleasant sound is a misnomer and not necessarily better) and the fact that the cost for the Bose product at that level can be found at half the price and now comes with an inline mic.
you’re really coming off as a fanboy from all you’re posts that attempt to justify your choice in an average brand for headphones (I rate the bluetooth speakers). If you like you like them dw what other people say, hearing is subjective. However, the point about accesbilty and sales of the product don’t apply everywhere, as in Australia, Sennheiser are as easy, if not easier to get then Bose, and also go on sale just as much and are often cheaper than a compareable Bose product. so imho Bose headphones are overpriced average headphones, however their noise cancelling is great!

So, I don't really care when I run into a super audiophile somewhere. However, I post on and was in a discussion w/ a number of idiots (mistake, I know. They drag you down to their level and beat you w/ experience). Anyhow, an individual w/ a fetish for cheap Chinese knockoffs follows up his commentary about how the rest of us are racists, by going after the above posted picture... Noting what a true Audiophile he is and how Bose is the worst in the industry.... ending w/ how I live in a glass house and should "watch it."
I'm like wow.......... you've got mental health issues and add him to my ignore list.
So, that was the most extreme example I've encountered. However, my point is there's a legion of Audiophiles out there who go and blast Bose at every opportunity. So my question is Why? What's so bad about Bose?