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Do I need to get the optional lightning cable or optional Noble 2.5mm TRRS cable to have better sound quality to use directly with just my iPhone SE? Or could I use the already included 2-pin braided 3.5mm TRS cable?


Mar 5, 2020
The 2.5 balanced cable is so worth it though, I'll never touch an unbalanced 3.5 aux cable again.
Mar 6, 2020
You are totally correct, I'd bet there isn't a phone made that has a 2.5mm port. Or any port more and more thanks to Shnapple, I hate them so much in some ways but I'm not committed to that and they really kicked ass when, as Bill Burr called him, "nerd Jesus" was around. I feel like I live in a world that used to be an idea in Steve's mind. And then if you read his deathbed letter and don't fall apart you need to go to a therapist. Yeah so the point of all that is get a DAP to accommodate from getting screwed up the AUX again. Decent Daps are available well under 100 dollars or 11 iPhone XSs'. This is just my experience but I was flattened when I plugged that damn balanced cable in. I just ordered the Tripoine cables here with a 4.4mm cuz I guess it's supposed to be better. At least it's more manly, those little baby 2.5 plugs won't impress anyone, but 4.4 and there's no doubt you're packin.
Apr 20, 2021
Philo_Ph1leI definitely agree with you on modern smartphones but there were older phones that came with a 2.5mm port (unbalanced since they catered for microphone input). I do recall that an example of a device with a 2.5mm input was the Nokia E71 haha
Dec 15, 2019
For the iPhone SE you would not need the optional cable,
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