What is the difference between these and the KSC75s?

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KSC75's use ear hooks instead of a band (they hang on your ears). If you mean sonically, then the KSC75 are described as much brighter/neutral(?), while the PPX's are a bit boomy and bass heavy (depends on clamp force of the band, swapping to the Parts Express band lightens this a bit). KPH30i falls somewhere right between.
Dec 17, 2019
My KSC-75's lasted two days - first time the cable got caught on something the right side died. My PortaPros have been through the ringer and you would never know. So, at least in my sample size of one each, the PortaPros are much better built.
Jun 5, 2020
I've had a few pairs of each, and well I did rip the cables out of the ksc75, it was when they went through my bike wheel, so I don't blame the headphones. They're both reasonably durable, but like any headphones, if you're using them portably, the cables are usually going to be the weak point eventually. I've gotten many years out of the sets that I haven't killed doing something dumb, though.
Dec 11, 2019
KSC75 has earhooks instead of a headband. KSC75 drivers are titanium coated. The combination of looser fit and driver difference result in the KSC75 having a brighter and some would say clearer, more revealing sound signature with less sub-bass than the PortaPros.
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