How does this compare with the Cayin iHA-6 (especially for the Sennheiser HD 800s and focal clear headphones)?


I've owned the Cayin iHA-6 for some time now (since the launch of this THX actually). I originally signed up for the 1st run and decided that the Cayin's drop in orice to 699 from 999 was worth the premium due to lead time and backed out before it ended. I caved in July of this year and signed up. It came recently and I have managed to clock around 20 ish hours on it. At this point I hold the following impressions: If you have a wide variety of headphones and want to listen to them through the same amp, the THX is the winner. If you have planar magnetic headphones, you have balanced cables for every one of your headphones below 80 ohms and you have a balanced source, go iHA-6. That high current mode is great with planar headphones. The SE output of the Cayin is 10 ohms on the low Z and 120 ohms on the high Z. This is less than ideal for single-ended only headphones with a nominal impedance of less than 80ohms. The XLR balanced out is .3 ohms so works very well with all balanced capable headphones.
Nov 6, 2019
The Cayin is true balanced. There are probably measurements somewhere... I own the 789 and listened to the Cayin in a busy hall during an audio fest, so any impressions I give subjectively will be marred by background noise.