Best DAC/AMP + Open/Closed Headphones for Gaming and Music?
Budget: £300/$400 Source/Amp: Currently my PC but I hope to change that with a suitable DAC/AMP to pair with the headphones if required. How will the gear be used? For use at home so I think open back headphones will suit me best. I want something that has a balance between gaming and music. I will be using the headphones with a ModMic so I don't know if that will affect my options. Preferred Tonal Balance: I like bass but nothing overpowering and really pronouced. I'd like something that can do a bit of everything if possible. Past Gear Experience: Only MDR-1000X's and PS4 Gold Headset to work with unfortunately but I found my MDR's quite flat and my PS4 Headset is just plain bad. Where would I like to improve on? Sound quality is probably my most important area I'd like to improve on. Comfort is important for me but I'd hope that most headphones are fairly comfortable around this price point. I was considering the HD58X and the Sound BlasterX G6.
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