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DIY/MYOG - Massdrop Pine Down Blanket Modifications

We designed the Pine Down Blanket to stand alone as an amazingly useful, versatile blanket. Additionally, I had a secondary goal of making it incredibly desirable for our members who love to customize their gear. The value of the raw goods is more than we're selling it for. I've already been working with Aaron Sorensen on ideas (he's known for modding Costco Down Throws), and I'll post our ideas here too.
With a little cutting or sewing, you could make:
  • A lighter backpacking quilt with tapered legs and more snaps, straps or a zipper. Maybe add a #3 zipper and turn it into a sleeping bag.
  • A California King size blanket by sewing two togetherl
  • A 10F blanket or quilt by layering one quilt on the other, offsetting by 2.12" so that the peak channel of one blanket falls into the baffle of the other, thereby forming a solid 3" thick layer.
  • Snap two together to create a hammock overquilt and underquilt.
  • Cut it in half and make it into two underquilts for hammock camping.
  • Turn it into a pair of quilts for toddlers.
  • Use the raw materials to make something completely different, like a few down jackets and hats.
So let this be the place where can share our ideas and (eventually) our projects for modifying this blanket.
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Hello, this blanket is well worth the price. Super comfortable indeed! I just have one question. What is the proper way to wash it? Thanks in advance for any suggestion!
How small can this pack down?
This packs super small and light in a single. It packs right at as small as the Patagonia down sweater (jacket).
Can someone maybe explain how I could successfully make pad straps for this quilt. Thanks for your help with this project.
I’m looking to do the same but thought I would try a temporary solution by using tarp clips and shock cord for now. This way I can test in the field and adjust the placement of the clips to figure out where I would like the permanent points to be.
I'm thinking this blanket could be modified to create 3 separate down skirts which would be great for milling around camp on chilly evenings. To do this, one would need to divide the blanket in 2 lengthwise.  Then sew these 2 pieces together end to end to create a very long (172" x 27") blanket, then divide this by 3 to create 3 separate 57" x 27" blankets. Add cinch cords and  snaps to create skirt. Individual blankets would not have to be exactly 57" wide  but could be customized to waist size of each person.  Cost would comes out to about $33 each and each would weigh about 7 ounces.
Why would that be significantly easier or less expensive than doing it from scratch?
I love this quilt. I use it for summer camping and backpacking on its own or if it gets below freezing i will use it to extend the temperature range of my cumulus lite line 400. The bag is rated to 0 C and with the down blanket i used it comfortable to -5 C (and i think it would work on lower temperatures as well).
I ADORE this quilt. I purchased it to use for me in my RV so that I can easily stuff it away every morning. During the day, my night time space is relinquished to my dog who lounges there on her own cover. It is fantastic...almost as wonderful as the totally silk one used on my beds at home. I love it.
So glad to hear! Anything you would want updated on it?
An underquilt for a hammock requires some shock cord and ingenuity, a top quilt can be made a few different ways, id utilize the '10F' 2 layer idea and make a UQ/TQ set from 4 of them for certain,. When is this goimg to drop again?
I did my 2 Costco throws using KAM snaps, Jellyfish on the Hammock Forum did a video on this method that I followed. The snaps are easy to do and I used the snaps to do the offset of the channels. Search for the Gemini under quilt for complete directions. You can easily adapt the idea to any down throw project.
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Would the KAM snaps fit in the same holes? I don't wanna sew.
Glad to hear!
Mine are both still virgin.
Last night I tried to put them together, for a test. Short story, I think I broke one of the snaps. Can I easily replace them?
Kam snap kit on amazon. Super simple. Old snaps come off with some prying apart motions and new snaps often can be refitted in same hole. Good luck!
My wife and i sleep together on a king size bed. She sleeps hot and i sleep cold and traditional comforters just don’t work for us so i got two of these blankets and solved our problem with the added bonus of these making great ul backpacking quilts!
I have been using it since late spring as a top quilt in my Warbonnet Ridge Runner bridge hammock. I am pleased with it so far.
danny how would you turn this into two summer underquilts or even one full lenght quilt With minimal sewing or cutting?
Jacob_J has tons of info on this process.
Will this be available again soon? Just gave mine to a Philmont bound scout.......
it's available right now.
What straps would work well with this quilt? I have a Thermarest Xtherm regular length mummy pad.
So is this made with a "down" that is made from Pine? Or is this from exploited animals like goose?
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And I have heard of "down" made of other than exploited feathers before, and that is why I ask.
"exploited fathers" those poor bastards. So glad I haven't been lucky enough to get tricked into spawning a child or laid for that matter. I already feel exploited daily for just being a man in 2018. What's next? Exploited MassDrop users for joining drops? Apple sure did start something, didn't they? :D
Two questions--
Do we have an update on the shipping date?
I've read a few times about making " A 10F blanket or quilt by layering one quilt on the other, offsetting by 2.12" so that the peak channel of one blanket falls into the baffle of the other, thereby forming a solid 3" thick layer. " I don't have a clear picture in my mind of how to "lock that" in. What ways are there to connect two quilts that would accomplish this? Thanks for any insight.
YES. Just picked up 2 with the same in mind. Sure would be nice if they were a bit longer though! If there are any other suppliers that could compare with a bit more fill and length then it would be really sweet.
Hey Danny, just wondering if there are any updates to the status of the order? I know the drop says they won't ship until the end of May, but I was hoping you may have heard what the current status of the order is.
Hey Danny, Any chance this will be coming around again any time soon? Missed out on it last time. Life sometimes gets in the way. Or, if anyone flaked at the last minute, consider me the guy to pick up that slack. Thanks for all you're doing toward bringing alternative, "custom" gear at reasonable pricing to a market sorely lacking in both.
I really like these 3 ideas (which can all work together):
A lighter backpacking quilt with tapered legs and more snaps, straps or a zipper. Maybe add a #3 zipper and turn it into a sleeping bag.
A 10F blanket or quilt by layering one quilt on the other, offsetting by 2.12" so that the peak channel of one blanket falls into the baffle of the other, thereby forming a solid 3" thick layer.
Snap two together to create a hammock overquilt and underquilt.
Could this be used as an underquilt for the Byer of Maine hammock without cutting it?
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That's mostly what I'm wondering. What dimensions should an underquilt be relative to the size of the hammock?
Depends on whether you want a 3/4 or full length UQ for length. Full should be at least 74”. Width should be around 48-50” at the middle.
Are the snaps a standard product that you can buy elsewhere? Because the you could attach the blanket to other things fairly easily.
Plastic kamsnaps and the press size 20 are what I have.
Any thoughts on having some sort of the down/snap system to attach to the sides of the hammock so it won't shift? I actually had SOME luck using a Jack Wolfskin center zip sleeping bag - however, it's the same issue... it shifts all over the place. Otherwise, absolutely LOVE having some input on what's custom gear! Now.... to make a semi custom wearable sleeping bag. The German Army (Bundeswehr) used to issue out sleeping bags that you literally wore like a set of overalls.... very clever.
UQ hooks are the way to go on the hammock and have shockcord along the sides of the UQ.
You might want to look at the Jerven Fjellduken available from Varustelka. They have several more extreme versions.
I would be interested in buying a quilt with a zipper.
i wasn’t sure from the description but it seems this quilt has cord channels along the two short sides aswell as the two long sides? Could someone clarify please. Thanks in advance. I own a custom EE quilt and this one appeals to me as a kick around piece.
Yes, this has cord channels along all four sides. It comes with cords and cord locks along the shorter side (head and foot).
That’s awesome. That simple feature sets this blanket a definite notch above the rest of similar price and type. I’m gonna cinch all four sides lifghtly and wear it like a turtle shell!
May be black one side choice of colour on the other. Black absorbs heat/light better for airing/drying. The lighter side will reflect, allowing slight regulation depending on conditions. .... Just a thought.
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Why not indeed!
As some would say, Common Sense is FAR from common now!
I'm thinking it would be relatively easy to taper the blanket to make it more like a quilt. I think: 1) Mark a line on the quilt to create the desired taper (a straight line is easiest, but a hexagon like EE's quilts would be possible). 2) Sew along the line, pushing the down out of the way of the needle. 3) Shorten the quilt to the desired length, since it is longer than most people need. Shift the down further up the baffle before sewing, so the leg baffles will be overstuffed (bonus!). 4) Add extra cord channel and snap at foot area to create footbox.
You'll end up with some extra fabric (probably not usable) and down insulation (can be added into the blanket to be overstuffed or used for other projects). What do you think?
Would you take out the center baffle? It seems like that might leave tiny holes for down to escape.
Probably not, as you're right that it would leave tiny holes. The only consideration would be that if you remove the corners to taper the quilt, you have a lot of extra down, and you could stuff those back into the center baffles tubes for extra warmth. If you removed the center baffle, the down could travel all the way up. On the other hand, if you didn't, then the legs area would just be really overstuffed, which might be preferred. If you did remove the seam, you probably should use drops of seam sealer.
Can I just cut a hole in the middle and wear it as a fancy expensive poncho? That's all I want or need in my life now! Poncho or death!
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Legit. The person in the photo looks like they resented having to put it on and get photographed. Someone needs a slice of pie. :D
I second that opinion! Danny, you have some great ideas - now, I'm looking forward to see what else you have running around your fertile brain for custom camping gear.