Nov 22, 2017

Canon T6 or Nikon D3400

So I'm looking for an entry level camera and have narrowed it down to these too.
I'm leaning toward the D3400 and if the price was close to the same it would be an easy decision. However right now a refurbished T6 on the Canon sight is $279 while a refurbished Nikon is $399. That's $120 that could be used towards a new lens.
What are your thoughts?

They're both good cameras. In the end it's going to boil down to which one you prefer to have in your hands. As wishy-washy as that sounds, I'm not really kidding. Ergonomics can make or break a camera. If you have the chance to try these two out in a store, at a camera club meet, or just friends who have them, it's worth doing. Pick the one that works best for you.