Just want to mix for myself.. but I know the bug will bite.. controller or cdjs?

ok, so I started djing for myself, cuz no one played the house I wanted to hear (90's new york at 132 thank you very much!).. but I got bit by the bug and played out pretty fast... a couple years later, the vinyl monster took control of my finances, my living space, and my soul and I stayed with that until I left the rave community behind in a huff a year ago....
But I only recorded 60 hours of mixes... and I'm getting to need more! Should I get an Ns7 v3 so I can be all 4 deck and lots of sample type remix creative at home... or learn cdjs (finally) for the almost certain day I decide the rest of the world deserves to hear my collection again ? lol I know it's gonna happen.. I'll learn both, but which FIRST?
Debt.... here I come again.
soundcloud jocelyn silver btw

Nov 23, 2017
and no, despite the temptation, I'm NEVER hauling 100 records around a festival again, I'm tiny and they're heavy... and took up so much space I had to GIVE UP MY FREAKING BED!!!