How powerful of an amp do I need to drive them?

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Mar 25, 2020
I Hooked this up via the balanced input on my 789. These sound just otherworldly. But they don’t need a lot of power or crazy amp to sound good. I use them also on just my LG G8 and they sound pretty dang amazing. Just make sure you use a dac because I’ve been able to notice that I needed to replace my old sound blaster G5 with the Topping D50s because of these headphones. The biggest thing of course I noticed by giving them extra power is the highs and lows become more clear and defined. In short you don’t need really anything to power them but they do benefit from it.
Mar 7, 2020
They are very efficient headphones. You do not need a lot of power to drive these. 1 Volt * 12.5 mA = 125 mW = 115 dB SPL Note Permissible exposure time is 30 Sec for 115 dB SPL. Chain Saw wide open is 110 dB and you know you need ear protection to use it

Mar 6, 2020
I use a S.M.S.L SP 200 hooked up to a modded DX7 Pro. They’re good on low gain.

Low to moderate output seems to work just fine. I typically have my Drop 789 at Gain 2 when these are plugged in via single-ended, if that gives you any frame of reference. Haven't had any clipping or popping at higher volumes, with either cable. I'd recommend something with a low-gain option and/or giant dial. What you probably need more than an amp is a quiet room to listen in, cause these are REALLY open. They're also dynamic enough that I would advise against cranking the volume just to drown out background noise.
Mar 4, 2020
I wouldn't go too powerful. If I put them on my most powerful amp and add just a little bass, they pop and clip like crazy. Disappointed, and I'm an old dude that mostly listens to classical at modest levels.