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My Dream... for the Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen

Since I have embraced the Fountain Pen world and all the wonders it holds, I have had a dream


Usually people look up and up and up with fountain pens, lusting after more and more expensive pens, wishing for an unlimited bank account and unlimited time to write with those beauties once they are acquired. And I did a little of that lusting. Still do. HOWEVER! My biggest and longest lasting and most far-fetched dream as far as fountain pens goes is quite opposite. Let me explain. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen. I mean really. It is beautiful, functional, unique, and they tell me it's a great writer! It's not that I can't afford one. I have a few pens that cost me that much.
My dilemma is something much different. I want a dumbed down Pilot VP. I want the option to buy one with a cheaper stainless steel nib. My reasoning? So that I can use this pen every day at work and not worry about the 18K nib. I want to be able to NOT have a panic attack if sometime during the day I don't find it on my person and can't find it in my immediate area. I want to be able to hand it to a customer to write a check and not worry about them pressing too hard with it. I want to be able to carry it EVERY SINGLE DAY and have some peace of mind in that regard. I would even buy the pen with the high priced 18K gold nib if they would just offer a cheaper stainless nib replacement version that I could swap out for when I go to work!
How about it Massdrop? Can you make a dream like that come true? Do you have some kind of pull with Pilot? Give it a whirl. I did by starting this thread. I didn't know where else to ask. (On second thought, I may also go to FPN and see if I can sway more people.)
Anyone else share this dream? Thanks for reading about mine!
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I’d still freak out if I misplace a $80 pen.
Your dreams are not dreams; they are reality.
The special alloy nib is steel, IIRC.
Yay!!! Thank you for the link!!!