If there's a hole in the tent, what's the best way to fix it?

The X-Mid fabric has a sil coating on the outside (for strength) and PU on the inside (so the floor is non-slip and we can seam tape the fly). Thus, products for silicone coatings like SilNet will stick to the outside, and products for PU coatings like SeamGrip and tenacious tape will stick to the inside.
Nov 13, 2020
During a windy night, somehow one of my poles stabbed through the fly right around where the gusset is. Something like this wouldn’t be covered by the warranty eh?
Sorry to hear about that issue. Was the pole tip in the grommet? And then somehow escaped and stabbed through the fly? Normally when a pole tip escapes from the grommet it's because there wasn't good tension on it. When the pole is extended until it's taut, then there shouldn't be enough stretch in the fabric to allow the pole to escape, except maybe in extreme winds beyond what the tent is designed for. The other way this can occur is if one of the stakes partially or fully rips out, when that happens the fly loses tension and the pole can escape (this can happen with any trekking pole tent). So usually this issue arises pertaining to how the tent is used, but plausibly it could occur from a defect in the tent like something coming apart at the grommet (but we've never heard of that). Anyways, warranty decisions are Drop's responsibility, so you are free to inquire with them and see what they say. Unless you have evidence of a defect with the tent itself though, I suspect they'll attribute it to user error. Occasionally, people do pop holes in the tent when they are hastily adding the pole and don't put it in the grommet, or they have one of the aforementioned pitching issues - all of which could occur in any trekking pole tent and aren't a specific issue with the X-Mid design. But if you think there's something about the tent itself that led to this, then certainly make that argument to them. Usually holes in the fly are pretty easy to patch and if you use the sage colored tenacious tape they're hardly noticable too.
Dec 1, 2019
Companies such as gearaid sell myriad products that can patch holes ranging from heavy industrial tape to a gel that solidifies inside the hole, the tape has worked best for me in the past personally
Dec 13, 2019
Gearaid has a new tape that will stick to silnylon and silpoly. I used it on my silpoly tent and it works wonderfully. I bought an X-Mid and ended up selling it. Not because it's a bad tent but because I mainly backpack in the Northeast and it has a big footprint. I reflected on some of the spots I have camped in and realized it would never fit.
Jul 31, 2020
So what tent did you decide to go with?