How does this compare with Goretex and other fabrics?

Dec 20, 2019
To answer your question: Compared to Goretex, it’s not as waterproof. That being said, it is not the same material at all. It is not loud like Goretex ie it doesn’t have the same properties as a tarp that has been cut to act as a jacket. I’d need more info from you on what you mean by “Goretex” because Goretex is like Vibram and Dupont’s fabric is used across multiple brands in various iterations of thickness. Ultimately, Goretex isn’t a finished fabric; it’s a thread used in various thicknesses/weaves depending on the need of the buyer. It is a thin jacket, similar to a thin-layer Goretex rainshell. It is far more breathable and flexible. A spray of Sno-Seal or some Nikwax tech-wash will improve its waterproofing but you’ll lose a bit of breathability as well. Simply put, it is not a bomber rain shell. It is more like a water resistant flex jacket.
Jan 11, 2021
Goretex is not a thread, it's a series of fabrics with a teflon microporous layer.
Dec 13, 2019
I had protection for about the first hour or so then it started to wet through. After quite a while I did start to get some condensation but I was on the go, walking around in the rain and cutting firewood for around an hour, & also I sweat easy. and didn't have proper wicking undergarments. I don't regret it and think it performs well. I would have been clammy within the first half an hour if I had goretex on. Also, like another person mentioned, it does absorb smell a lot. While making a fire the smell of smoke was strong on the jacket. I probably could have aired it but it would have taken a long time, so I ended up washing it.
Dec 12, 2019
on the ratings, more breathable than standard goretex, but not as waterproof. in use, it's a super light soft shell material. very breathable. and I've had no issues in light rain