Nov 29, 201783 views

What's next?

Massdrop has done some great things in the past few years, we've gotten some amazing collaborations that gave us the AKG 7XX and Sennheiser 6XX, more recently we got the Fostex T-X0 and the HiFiMan He-4XX. What's next? Will we ever see an electrostatic headphone? Maybe some Massdrop X Stax L3XX? L5XX? L7XX? Whatever it is, I can't wait to see what Massdrop will bring to the audiophile community.
thumb_up Nathan Tsui and bquisp

I doubt Stax would ever do anything with Massdrop.
I would like to see a mashup with Campfire Audio or Audeze or even Mr. Speakers (seeing as how successful it's been with Focal).
I would also love to see another Sennheiser mashup for something along the lines of an HD 7XX or 8XX.
I will never pay $6K for a Susvara, so HiFiMAN HE-6 please!
Second the HE-6... with some popular modders out there finding a stock HE-6 is a rarity these days.