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Recommended sub 200$ amp for HD6xxs

Some recommendations? I'd actually like to spend around 150$, 200 is the absolute maximum.

I second the stack. It's all you'll ever need for your 6XX's and will unleash their full potential.
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Right and I don't think I'll ever need more than that
And you'd be right. The magni is fulli (pun inserted) capable of driving 6XX's and many more power hungry phones :) just try to stay off HiFi forums, they'll say you need an amp made for phones 3x as powerful... 😂😂😂
Your best bet would be a schiit stack say the Modi and and Magni top end of your budget but probs the best you can buy for the price based on most peoples reviews.
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Ah fair enough yeah I understand I am UK myself. I think schiit have a factory in Europe so inport tax is not an issue if you are on this side of the pond not sure of other regions.
Oh ok I was a bit concerned about that too, thanks for clarification.