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Ink of the Day

What ink are you using today? Show it off by writing a favorite quote, song lyrics, a doodle, or even just your username.

Diamine Sargasso Sea inside a Pilot Falcon w/ SE nib
Working in the garage to prep dirtbikes for the weekend, it seems appropriate.
Edelstein Topaz inside a Pelikan M205 w/ B nib
Though I usually prefer EF or F nibs, I've recently been playing with a Pelikan B nib filled with the beautiful Topaz ink from their Edelstein line. This color combination is perfect for a Team Mystic Pokémon trainer haha!
MikeMD, kunalkumar, and 8 others

Every time I write even a single word in Tsutsuji, I am overjoyed at the vivid color that goes onto the page. (This is done on a Rhodia webnotebook. Nice paper. Deserves better handwriting than mine.)
Blue Pervenche
Did I mention, I'm really into it
I went from 0 fountain pens to 6 in less than 6 months.
I'm using Sargasso Sea in my daily driver right now. Beautiful, rich shade of blue. My favorite blue ink to date. I was shopping for the Topaz, but couldn't find it at a reasonable (read discounted) price. Had to settle for the Sapphire. Anyway...
So, I had this bottle of yellow Delta ink gathering dust on a shelf. It was useless; not suitable for highlighting and too light to write or even draw with. I found some forgotten teal procion mx fabric dye in a drawer and figured why not?
The result you can see in the photo above. Though I would not call the color appealing, the ink is surprisingly well-behaved. I think if the dye had been navy blue it might have made a decent shade of green.
I'm using the Edelstein Topaz, too! Inside a Pilot Vanishing Point with a medium italic nib. (I'm good at drawing and stuff)