Mech for Mac?

I'm a Mac user and already have a Tactile Pro 4 I bought from This seems fine and I use it every day but - hey I like new gadgets. Are there any of the Drop mech keyboards that I should check out?
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CTRL and ALT are both pretty cool keyboards and a ton of ppl use them as their main in the office. These are both Mac compatible. Any particular questions around it? I think @erickong was just saying that you should check out what kind of switches you like before investing in a new keyboard. One of the options you can choose when purchasing ctrl/alt is to pick the switch.
Nov 26, 2019
thank you, this explains a lot
I would definitely recommend buying a switch tester to see what switches you like before pulling the trigger on a board. Hotswappable boards are nice because you can change the switches on them easily.
Nov 23, 2019
I'm sorry, I have no idea what you talking about. Switches are individual keys, different models have different feel, is that the idea? The keyboards you build up are all Mac compatible, some are, none are? I only see reference to PC keyboards.
Nov 27, 2019
In a very simplified view you have the board itself, the switches connect to the board, and then key caps sit in the switches. The switches are what ultimately connect your fingers (via the key caps) to the board. For most of the world, the subtle differences among them do not matter. For mechanical keyboard enthusiasts it is life and death. I got into mechanical keyboards like you, looking for something quality for the Mac ( I have a couple follow ups coming on what I have done since then. I would now recommend finding something that is easy to customize. I recently picked up the drop Alt because it ships with QMK (open source firmware) so it is easy to make it operate like a standard Mac keyboard. In addition the switches are swappable, so as you learn what you like and/or change your mind you can do so without buying an entire new keyboard.