Do the 6XX's have that sparkly treble the 58X's are missing?

Howdy, y'all. So I bought a pair of the HD58X's recently and I absolutely LOVE them. That said, I find myself wanting more treble clarity for nice, clean and crisp vocals. The 58X's are not as bright as I would like and feel the top end is rolled off a bit too much. I produce and I would say 98% of my tracks contain vocals male and female, so I'm looking to get some cans that really bring them out. The 58X's are damn near perfect but, if they had more top end clarity, I think I would be happier. That brings me to my question - Would you guys recommend the 6XX or the 600's to me? Or, would you even recommend something else? I'm relatively new to audiophile headphones and I'm a fan of the 'Sennheiser Sound' so I'd prefer to stick with them if at all possible but not opposed to branching out. I've used the HD-25's for YEARS while DJ'ing and for producing on long flights and am very used to Sennheiser's tuning. Thanks in advance guys!
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Dec 8, 2019
People have suggested to me privately, the Hifiman planars here on Drop. Are these something that might scratch my itch? I thought for sure somebody here would recommend them. Maybe there's a reason for that. Thanks in adv
Nov 29, 2019
I would honestly recommend you save your money (don't buy more headphones) and just buy an amp that has a dac with an EQ. EQ the HD 58X you already have. Increase the treble. Get the sound you want. Plus they will undoubtedly sound better with amplification.
Dec 9, 2019
Will do man. Thanks again
Dec 9, 2019
I have to say, I will be grabbing a pair of the 6XX's just to have regardless but, just bought the iFi Zen DAC and love that thing so might grab the Schiit Loki tone control and add in the chain if it will work.
Nov 29, 2019
Hmmm. I feel my 58X have more treble than my 6XX. That said I hear great vocal clarity in the 6XX due to their mids. For me I use the 6XX for more critical listening and classical music while the 58X are more fun and probably my choice if I had to throw one pair in my bag without know what I’d be listening to. Or maybe not. They’re both great but different. I think the 58X are a better gaming headphone BUT I game with the 6XX because I like less treble.
The HD-25's typically have dip in response in the upper mids/lower treble followed by a rise from around 5kHz to 10kHz (depending on flavor) which may be what you are missing from your new cans. The 6XX won't give this to you either. Check out some of the Beyer headphones (1770, 177x, 1990, DT880), the Grado 325e is also a fantastic headphone but Grado's can be a love'em or hate'em situation.
Happy hunting, I too have difficulty with finding a good place to audition cans so I tend to make "unheard" purchases from places with a good return policy. I can appreciate variety in sound signature so I've not had to return one yet but I like that piece of mind. I don't think I could use the 325e as my sole headphone but for anything that includes stringed instruments and doesn't have much content below 60Hz it does quite well.
Nov 28, 2019
Awesome yeah I think I may grab a pair of Grado's after all the suggestions. A good return policy is definitely a must! Thanks again for your input.
Nov 26, 2019
Get a 177x and buy dekoni hifiman fenestrated sheepskin pads. That will give you what you want.
Nov 24, 2019
I don’t find the 6xx to have significantly better high end than the HD-580. If powered adequately, they will have an overall slightly better sound, and I find more bass extension. I usually power my 6xx with a Schiit Lyr3 amp. For better high end in Sennheiser, you’ll probably need to move significantly upscale, to the 800 range. You might want to audition some midrange Grados. I have the RS1e, and find it has the sort of sound signature that you are describing as what you want.
get the beyerdynamic DT 1990 pro, watch z reviews review on it
Nov 26, 2019
Ok great. Thanks for the suggestion. I've heard of that headphone before and I'll definitely check it out.
@MarkSubsonik The HD6xx definitely has clearer treble compared to the HD58x and its meatier bass. I find the HD58x are great for things with explosions, lots of wub wub wub, or screaming electric guitars, but when I want clarity and the senny sound, the HD6xx definitely take the cake. The HD6xx pairs well with any amp of power. I use them with all of the MD amps (minus the O2, which I do not own) to great success. I like them best on the 789 and ZDT, but they do just fine on the CTH and LCX. Though the LCX does give them a bit of a darker tone.
I wouldn't make buying choices on rtings headphone rankings alone. They do a lot better with TV's IMO. For some people the 58X is the right fit, for others the 650/6XX will be the better choice.
Nov 27, 2019
Can you elaborate on that or post a link to the study?
Nov 23, 2019
I get what you describe from the Elex using a clean DAC and the THX 789. I also get a taste of it from the HD 660s but they require some power to do it (the 789 on high gain past noon on the dial does it for me). This all said, the sound is subjective and may be different from person to person but I know what you are talking about. Happy hunting MacBook Pro > Tidal > SMSL Sanskrit 10th DAC (powered correctly) > THX 789 > Elex or 660s.